Eastern Boundary Quartet at WTJU April 18

Wednesday, April 18, from 10:00 – 11:00AM, members of the Eastern Boundary Quartet will be in the studio with Russell Perry for a roundtable discussion prior to their house concert that evening, sponsored by WTJU and the Charlottesville Jazz Society.

The Eastern Boundary Quartet is a collaborative quartet featuring Hungarian master musicians Balazs Bagyi on drums and Mihaly Borbely on sax, along with the long-standing partnership of New York City bassist Joe Fonda and pianist Michael Jefry Stevens. Since 2007 the quartet has toured Europe and the United States numerous times. They have recorded three CDs, and their 4th will be released to coincide with the upcoming 2018 tour.

Tickets for the house concert are available online. The location of the concert will be revealed once you purchase a ticket.  For more information visit cvillejazz.org or call Gary at 434 249-6191.

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