Early Moszkowski Entertains

For this second installment of Moszkowski piano works, Ian Hobson opts for some early pieces. The music presented provides insight into Moszkowski’s development as a composer. And they also entertain (as was their purpose).

The Six Piano Pieces, Op. 15 are charmers. This is salon music, but it’s of the highest quality. Moszkowski delivers on expectations without resorting to cliches. The Five Piano Pieces, Op. 18 are similar in character. The debt to Mendelssohn and Schumann is obvious. And that’s fine. While they’re no masterworks, these little pieces beguile the ear. And that makes for an enjoyable listen.

The Three Piano Pieces in Dance Form, Op. 17 are a different matter. Here the influence seems to be Franz Liszt. Amateurs could play music from the other two sets. These pieces require a higher degree of skill. And the music is more advanced as well. Moszkowski takes time to develop his themes.

Ian Hobson plays admirably. I was especially impressed with his performances of the Three Piano Pieces in Dance Form. I felt that Moszkowski loosened the reigns on his compositional imagination. And Hobson is right there with him, giving these works the committed performances they need.

Moszkowski was a virtuoso pianist, so he wrote a lot of piano music. There are definitely more volumes to come! I look forward to hearing them.

Moritz Moszkowski: Complete Music for Solo Piano, Volume Two
Ian Hobson, piano
Toccatta Classics, TOCC 0660

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