Domenico Scarlatti Violin Sonatas Welcome Change

Domenico Scarlatti is best known for his 545 keyboard sonatas. Actually, to many Domenico Scarlatti is only known for his 545 keyboard sonatas. 

They do make up the bulk of Scarlatti’s catalog. But there are other pieces in there, too — like these violin sonatas. Scarlatti composed these works around 1720. They contrast greatly with his keyboard sonatas.

Most of Scarlatti’s keyboard sonatas are single-movement, with some having two short movements. These violin sonatas have three or four. Scarlatti wrote idiomatically for the violin. This gives them different melodic shapes than his keyboard works.

Boris Begelman delivers some pleasing performances. These aren’t sonatas for virtuosi — but they do require a high degree of musicianship to make them sing. And that’s exactly what Begelman does. 

The release also includes music by Domenico’s father Alessandro Scarlatti. This helps add variety to the program. And makes for a more enjoyable listening experience. At least it did so for me, listening to the album straight through. 

The album includes two works by his father, Alessandro Scarlatti. We get his variations on “La Folia” for solo harpsichord, and one of his cello sonatas.

There are as many different recordings of Scarlatti’s keyboard sonatas as there are sonatas (and then some). This collection of his violin sonatas is a refreshing change. And the quality of the music in this sonatas adds, to Scarlatti’s stature as a composer. 

Domenico Scarlatti: Violin Sonatas
Boris Begelman, violin; Arsenale Sonoro

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