Divertimento, 6-8 pm on Thursday evenings: Relax to sweet melodies

Make sweet melody, sing many songs, that you may be remembered.
Isaiah 23:16

The song is ended, but the melody lingers on.
Irving Berlin

We invite you to join us on Thursdays, 6-8 pm for WTJU’s evening classical show, Divertimento.  Greg Cox hosts a delightful mixture of classical music and more, all designed with melody in mind.

Mozart once said: “Melody is the essence of music.”  The famous violinist, Yehudi Menuhin, said: “Melody imposes continuity upon the disjointed.”  The great author and poet, Henry David Thoreau, said “Friends do not live in harmony merely, as some say, but in melody.”    And Greg Cox says “experience the healing, soothing power of the best melodies ever written.”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Yehudi Menuhin, Henry David Thoreau and Greg Cox

Although Mozart, Menuhin and Thoreau are unable to host the show, Greg Cox will be delighted to have the pleasure of your company, so please pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink, relax and join Greg this Thursday and every Thursday evening for Divertimento.  We hope you’ll tune in, relax and enjoy the show this Thursday.  Cheers!

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