Daniel Gortler Debuts With Favorites

This is Daniel Gortier’s debut on Propero Classical. He presents his favorite Lyric Pieces by Edvard Grieg. And it makes quite a nice program — and a strong debut..

Grieg wrote 66 of these short characteristic pieces. They were composed over 34 years and published in ten volumes. Some are among the best-known works by Grieg. And many are notoriously difficult.

Often pianists show off their technical expertise with the virtuoso-level selections. Gortier takes a different route. All twenty-one of the selections are favorites of the pianist. And many of those are easy to play.

But Gortler’s purpose isn’t to show off his chops. Rather, it’s to express himself through these works. And that purpose elevates even the simplest pieces in this program. Gortier is a thoughtful performer. His playing is expressive and lyrical.

As recorded, the piano has a warm, rounded sound. It’s well-suited to the music and Gortier’s playing.

Gortier’s put together an enjoyable program and a well-executed one.

Edvard Grieg: Lyric Pieces
Daniel Gortler, piano
Prospero Classical PROSP0082

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