#ClassicsaDay #WomensHistoryMonth Week 4, 2024

 The #ClassicsaDay team has made Women’s History Month the March theme since 2017. The challenge remains: post classical music videos from female composers on your social media channels. There are plenty of options when it comes to 21st- and 20th-century composers.

What continually surprises me is how much music is yet to be discovered from earlier centuries. And also how much of it was known at the time, but somehow fell into obscurity. Here are my discoveries for the fourth and final week of #WomensHistoryMonth. 

03/25/24 Alba Trissina (f. 1622): Vulnerasti cor meum

Trissina was a Carmelite nun who studied with Leone Leoni. Leoni published four of her works in 1622. They’re all that survive of her music.

03/26/24 Mlle Bocquet (early 17th C.-after 1660): Sarabande in A minor

Her first name is unknown, but not her talent. This virtuoso lutenist wrote a series of works that expanded the possibilities of the instrument.

03/27/24 Antonia Bembo (c. 1640–1720): Se legge d’amore

Bembo was an Italian singer and composer who found a home at Versailles. She was a musician in the court of Louis XIV. Six volumes of her music are preserved in manuscript.

03/28/24 Rosa Giacinta Badalla (1660–1710): Pane angelico

Badalla’s reputation rests on a single publication. Motetti a voce sola (1684, Venice) shows a composer at the top of her game. The works were most likely written for performance in her convent.

03/29/24 Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre (1665–1729): Sonata No. 2 in B-flat

De La Guerre was famed as a harpsichord virtuoso. She published several collections of sonatas and cantatas. She also composed two operas that were staged in the 1690s. 

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