#ClassicsaDay #SchumannsCircle Week 4

The Classics a Day team honors Robert Schumann’s birthday (June 8, 1810). The theme for June is Schumann and his circle. During the month, you’re encouraged to share works written by Schumann, his friends, his colleagues, his rivals — and of course, his wife.

Here are my #ClassicsaDay selections for the last week of #SchumannsCircle.

6/28/21 Joseph Joachim plays Brahms Hungarian Dance #1

Joachim recorded this work by his close friend on August 17, 1903. It was part of a session for Gramophone and Typewriter Ltd.


6/29/21 Ignaz Moscheles: Piano Concerto No. 6 “Fantastique”

Moscheles, who had studied with Beethoven, didn’t think much of younger composers like Chopin. But he did admire Schumann very much.


6/30/21 Niccolo Paganini: Caprice No. 24

Schumann saw Paganini perform in 1830. He wrote, “How he cast his magnetic chains into the listeners lightly and invisibly so that the latter swayed from one side to the other!”

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