#ClassicsaDay #November11 Week 2

November is the eleventh month. And so the Classics a Day team opted to make eleven the month’s then. The challenge is to post works that are numbered 11 in some fashion, either an opus number, a series number, or even a suite number.

It turns out that there’s a lot of great music associated with elevens. By the time most composers publish their eleventh opus, symphony, string quartet, or sonata,  they’ve mastered their art. As I quickly discovered.

Here are my posts for the second week of #ClassicsaDay #November11

11/08/21 Alexander Scriabin – Prelude No. 11 in B minor, Op. 11

Scriabin composed his set of 24 preludes over a span of 8 years. The 11th prelude was one of the last to be composed.


11/09/21 Frederic Chopin – Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor, Op. 11

Although numbered “1,” this work was composed after the premiere of Chopin’s second concerto. The numbers indicate the publication sequence.


11/10/21 Anatoly Lyadov – Prelude Op. 11, No. 1

Lyadov’s Trois Morceaux was published in 1896. The prelude is the most performed (and arranged) of the three pieces.


11//11/21 Vitezslava Kapralova – Military Sinfonietta

This Czech composer, conductor, and violinist only lived to age 25. Still, she left an impressive catalog of ground-breaking music, like this 1937 sinfonietta.


11/12/21 Arnold Schoenberg – Drie Klaverstucke

These piano pieces are generally considered the first truly atonal composition of Schoenberg. He was simultaneously working on his Wagnereque cantata “Gurre-Lieder.”

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