#ClassicsaDay #HispanicHeritage Week 4

 September 15 kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month. The Classics a Day team has also made it their theme for September. The challenge is to post video performances of Hispanic composers. The posts can be on any social media platform you choose. 

We recently completed a month of posts featuring Mexican composers. This month, I’m sharing music by Hispanic composers further south. Here are my posts for the fourth and final week of #HispanicHeritage.

09/25/23 Marcos Coelho Neto (1763–1823): Maria Mater Gratiae

Neto was the son of a former enslaved person. His talent as a trumpeter and composer took him far. At age 23 he oversaw the production of three operas for the royal wedding of João VI and Carlota Joaquina.

09/26/23 Augustin Barrios Mangore: Prelude in A minor

Paraguayan Barrios is considered to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time. He wrote over 100 original works for the guitar and over 300 transcriptions. Virtually all his music is regularly performed.

09/27/23 Teresa Tanco Cordovez: Serenata para orquesta de curedas

Columbian pianist Cordovez had a successful career concertizing in Europe. Her compositions were mostly inspired by the music of her native land.

09/28/23 Ernesto Lacuona: La Comparsa

In a sense, Lacuona was the George Gershwin of Cuba. He was equally at home writing popular and classical music. He was immensely popular as a performer and composer in both North and South America.

09/29/23 Gisela Hernandez: Two Cuban Dances

Cuban composer Hernandez founded Ediciones de Blanck Publishing and was a member of the Grupo Minorista. Her music draws on Afro-Cuban music traditions.

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