#ClassicsaDay #HispanicHeritage Week 2

September 15 kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month. The Classics a Day team has also made it their theme for September. The challenge is to post video performances of Hispanic composers. The posts can be on any social media platform you choose. 

We recently completed a month of posts featuring Mexican composers. This month, I’m sharing music by Hispanic composers further south. Here are my posts for the second week of #HispanicHeritage.

09/11/23 Francisco Gomes da Rocha (1746–1808): Novena de Nossa Senhora do Pilar

Gomes was a bassoonist in the Brazilian Dragoons Regiment in the 1760s. Although quite prolific, only five of approximately 200 works survive. 

09/12/23 Jose Angel Montero (1832-1881): Quiero tu cruz

This Venezuelan composer specialized in music for the voice. He wrote over 15 operas and zarzuelas. And he composed a large amount of sacred music for choruses. 

09/13/23 Jose Bernardo Alcedo (1788-1878): Miserere

Alcedo’s anthem was chosen as the Peruvian national anthem in an 1821 contest. He wrote for military band, and composed folk songs. Most of his major works were written for the church. 

09/14/23 Alba Lucia Potes Cortés (1954 – ): Dulzuras for soprano and guitar

Cortés was born in Columbia and studied at the University of Valle. She moved to the U.S. when she was 29, and is now on the faculty of the Mannes School of Music. 

09/15/23 Roque Cordero (1917-2008): Adagio tragico

Cordero was born in Panama and was the director of the Panamanian Institute of Music. He later joined the faculty of Illinois State University. 

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