#ClassicsaDay #FallBreak Week 4

For several years now the Classics a Day team has come up with a new theme for each month. But sometimes we all need a break. Plus, none of the suggested themes seemed particularly inspired. So this month there’s no theme. 

Everyone’s enjoying a fall break. For some of us, it will be a break from posting. For me, I’m just going to post some of my favorite classical works. After all, this is the music I’d want to enjoy on break!

Here are my posts for the fourth and final week of #FallBreak.

10/24/22 Joachim Raff: Symphony No. 3 “im Walde”

Raff was a major symphonist in the late 1800s. But when he died, his music vanished from the repertoire. After hearing his symphonies, I have no idea why. This is good stuff!

10/25/22 PDQ Bach: Echo Sonata for Two Unfriendly Groups of Instruments

Peter Schickele is a comedic genius — and a darned good composer. Like all good comedies, the humor relies on timing. There are plenty of so-so performances of this piece. The original, though (recorded under Schickle’s supervision) remains the best.

10/26/22 Steve Reich: Clapping Music

Talk about minimal. 2 performers, no instruments, eight notes. So cool.

10/27/22 Jon Lord: Gemini Suite

This was Jon Lord’s second work blending rock musicians with an orchestra. Like the earlier Concerto for Group and Orchestra, this featured members of Deep Purple, with Malcolm Arnold conducting.

10/28/22 Arnold Rosner: Prelude to “The Tragedy of Queen Jane,” Op. 78

Rosner was a student of Alan Hovhaness’ music. His own works incorporated Renaissance harmonies and Medieval counterpoint for music that sounded like no one else’s.

Next month: Forgotten Composers

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