#ClassicsaDay #FallBreak Week 3

For several years now the Classics a Day team has come up with a new theme for each month. But sometimes we all need a break. Plus, none of the suggested themes seemed particularly inspired. So this month there’s no theme.

Everyone’s enjoying a fall break. For some of us, it will be a break from posting. For me, I’m just going to post some of my favorite classical works. After all, this is the music I’d want to enjoy on break!

Here are my posts for week 3 of #FallBreak.

Bohuslav Martinu: Symphony No. 5

I analyzed this work for a masters-level 20th Century Symphonies course. I got a B. My analysis was fine, but the professor thought the source material wasn’t that complex (others in the class were tackling Mahler, Webern, and Schoenberg). Doesn’t matter — it’s still one of my favorites.

Charles Villiers Stanford: Songs of the Fleet, Op. 177

Who doesn’t love a rollicking sea chanty? Stanford’s songs are more nuanced, but still quite evocative of the sea.

Amy Beach: Piano Concerto

Beach was a superb pianist, and this concerto reflects her skill both as a performer and as a composer. Too bad her husband didn’t agree.

Horatio Parker: Hora novissima

Usually, Parker’s only referred to as the composition professor who tried (and failed) to teach Charles Ives, supergenius. But that’s not entirely fair. Parker was no hack. I find this work skillfully constructed and quite beautiful.

Stefania de Kennessy: Sunburst

The joyous energy that bursts from this music never fails to cheer me. Think contemporary music is too academic and ugly? Give this a listen. And know there’s plenty more where that came from.

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