#ClassicsaDay #FallBreak, Week 2

For several years now the Classics a Day team has come up with a new theme for each month. But sometimes we all need a break. Plus, none of the suggested themes seemed particularly inspired. So this month there’s no theme.


Everyone’s enjoying a fall break. For some of us, it will be a break from posting. For me, I’m just going to post some of my favorite classical works. After all, this is the music I’d want to enjoy on break!
Here are my posts for week 1 of #FallBreak.

10/10/22 Arnold Bax – Tintagel

If I could only recommend one Bax composition for someone to listen to, this would be it.


10/11/22 Charles Ives – Symphony No. 2

Mashups started much earlier than you think. Ives put several well-known American tunes into the blender and pureed them for this 1897 classic.


10/12/22 Antonin Dvorak: Symphony No. 1 in C minor “The Bells of Zlonice”

Dvorak wrote this symphony for a competition contest. It didn’t win. I’ve always wondered whose symphony did win, and what it sounds like.


10/13/22 Florence Price: Symphony No. 1 in E minor

If I had my way, orchestras would give Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 a rest and program Price’s symphonies instead. Just for a year or so. That might be enough to get these into the repertoire. (no disrepect to Dvorak intended)


10/14/22 Alan Hovhaness: Symphony No. 66 Hymn to Glacier Peak

Yes, I (like many others) first fell in love with Hovhaness’ music because of his Symphony No. 2. But over time, I’ve come to like this symphony even more.

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