#ClassicsaDay #ClassicalMexico Week 4

The Classics a Day team decided to turn a holiday — Cinco de Mayo — into a month-long celebration. Mexico has a rich classical music tradition. It dates back to the early 1600s when Spanish — and very soon native-born — composers began writing music for church services. And today Mexico has a thriving classical music community. Even if we’re not aware of it here in the States.

Mexico has four centuries of classical music to choose from. Here are my selections for the fourth week of #ClassicalMexico.

05/22/23 Julián Carrillo Trujillo (1875–1965): Symphony No. 2 in C major

In the 1920s Trujillo developed a microtonal system he called the “Thirteenth Sound.” This symphony from 1905 reflects his skill with traditional key systems.

05/23/23 Manuel María Ponce (1882–1948): Ropsodia Mexicana No. 1

Ponce a child prodigy, who began his career as a concert pianist while still young. He spent several years in Europe studying composition. His style incorporates popular Mexican music within classical forms.

0/5/24/23 Candelario Huízar (1883–1970): Pueblerinas

Huízar composed four symphonies that were well-received. But his greatest successes were his tone poems. “Pueblerians” is the second of his three tone poems, written in 1931.

05/25/23 José Pablo Moncayo (1912-1958): Huapango

Moncayo was a major force in 20th C. Mexican music. He was a composer, teacher, pianist, percussionist, and conductor. His works celebrate Mexico’s cultural heritage in the framework of classical music.

05/26/23 Carlos Chávez (1899–1978): Valses Intimos

Chavez was one of the most important Mexican composers of the 20th Century. His early pieces (like this one) were for piano. He soon expanded into other forms, writing symphonies, chamber and choral music, plus an opera.

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