#ClassicsaDay #ClassicalMexico Week 2

The Classics a Day team decided to turn a holiday — Cinco de Mayo — into a month-long celebration. Mexico has a rich classical music tradition. It dates back to the early 1600s when Spanish — and very soon native-born — composers began writing music for church services. And today Mexico has a thriving classical music community. Even if we’re not aware of it here in the States.

Mexico has four centuries of classical music to choose from. Here are my selections for the second week of #ClassicalMexico.

05/08/23 José Mariano Elízaga (1786–1842): Ultimas variaciones

Elizage is considered the most important Mexican composer of the early Romantic period. The bulk of his music was considered lost until a cache was discovered in 1994.

05/09/23 Cenobio Paniagua (1821-1882): String Quartet No. 1

Paniagua was a violinist as well as a composer. He was second conductor of the Cathedral Orchestra in Mexico city. Paniagua wrote several operas as well as 70 masses.

05/10/23 Aniceto Ortega (1825–1875): Vals Jarabe

Ortega was a physician, as well as a pianist and composer. He founded Mexico’s first hopsital for women and children in the 1840s. Ortega helped found the Sociedad Filarmónica Mexicana. And he wrote the first opera based on a native Mexican story –Guatimotzin.

05/11/23 Macedonio Alcalá (1831–1869): Dios nunca muere

Alcalá was a Mexican composer, violinist, and pianist. He spent most of his life in Oaxaca. Indigenous villagers from Tiacolula asked Alcalá for a waltz in honor of the Virgin Mary. “Dios nunca muere” was an instant hit, and remains the unofficial state anthem of Oaxaca.

05/12/23 Melesio Morales (1839–1908): Moraels Vals Netzhualcoyotl

Morales was born and died in Mexico City. But he traveled to Europe in the 1860s, where his opera “Ildegonda” made his reputation.

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