#ClassicsaDay #ClassicalEleven Week 3

Numbers have meaning. But meaning can depend on context. The Classics a Day team made “eleven” the theme for November, the eleventh month. The challenge is to post performances of classical music that involve the number.

I chose a mix. Some pieces involve eleven players. Some are the eleventh type of piece by a composer. Some are the eleventh published work. Some had the number eleven assigned to them in some way by a cataloger.

There are many ways to arrive at #ClassicalEleven – here are my choices for the third week.

11/18/19 Henry Cowell – Symphony No. 11 “Seven Rituals of Music”

According to Cowell, there are seven rituals of music in one’s life: birth, work, play, dance, love, war, and death. This 1954 work depicts all of them.

11/19/19 Muzio Clementi – Toccata in B-flat, Op. 11

Clementi’s 1784 sonata was first published by John Kerpden of London. Clementi was based in the city, involved with both performing and piano manufacturing.

11/20/19 Franz Schubert – “Der Spiegelritter” D.11

“The Mirror Knight” was an unfinished singspiel Schubert worked on in 1811. Only the overture and five musical numbers were completed.

11/21/19 George Fridrich Handel – “Amadigi di Gaula” HWV 11

This was the fifth Italian opera Handel wrote for English audiences. The 1714 opera was successful, with runs in London and Hamburg (1717-1720).

11/22/19 Dominico Scarlatti – Keyboard Sonata in C minor, K. 11

This sonata was first published in “Essercizi per Gravicembalo.” The 1738 collection included 30 keyboard exercises written by Scarlatti.

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