ClassicsaDay #ClassicalChristmas Week 3

December is a time of traditions. And the Classics a Day feed is no different. We continue our tradition of making Classical Christmas our December theme.

The challenge is to post music related to the season. So sacred works for Advent and Christmas, secular works about winter, or even just music written and/or premiered in December.

Here are my posts for the second full week in December.

12/12/2 Arnold Brunckhorst: Weihnachtmusik
Brunckhorst was active in the late 1600s. Despite having a long career as organist and kapellmeister, only a handful of his compositions survive, including this Christmas cantata from 1710.

12/13/22 Dietrich Buxtehude: Ihr lieben Christen, freut euch nun, BuxWV 51
Buxtehude’s compositions served as models for the next generation of German composers (including Handel, Bach, and Telemann). As you can hear.

12/14/22 Arnold Bax: Winter Waters
Christmas isn’t a joyous time for everyone. If you’re one of them, this piece might be for you. Bax subtitled his 1915 piano piece “Tragic Landscape.”

12/15/22 Eastern Orthodox Chant: In the Dark Night
Eastern Orthodox worship traditions are just as rich as those of Catholic or Protestant churches (and in some cases, even older). This Christmas chant is from Ukraine.

12/16/22 Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow: Von Himmel kam der Engel Schar
Zachow was Handel’s first music teacher. When he died in 1713, Bach was invited to take over his position of Chormeister at Halle’s Market Church.

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