#ClassicsaDay #ClassicalBubble Week 2

This month’s Classics a Day theme follows a trend. In May 2020 we were sheltering in place. The theme was #ClassicalDistancing — music for unusual solo instruments best played at home. In June, social bubbles were allowed, and so the theme #ClassicalBubble called for duos. Again, for unusual instruments best played at home.

This month we ease the restrictions even further with a theme of trios. Trios for unusual instruments etc., etc. Here are my selections for the second week of the expanded #ClassicalBubble taking time off for Labor Day, of course).

09/08/20 Mark Applebaum (1967 – ) Catfish for Percussion Trio

Applebaum is both a classical composer and jazz pianist. Many of his compositions have some form of improvisation or looseness to them.


09/09/20 Michel Corrette (1707-1795) – Premiere Suite for Musette/Vielle and basso continuo

In the Baroque period, melodic instruments were often interchangeable. The musette was a close relation to the hurdy-gurdy, which was also a popular instrument in 18th Century France.


09/10/20 Trio for pipa, zheng, and erhu

Chinese musical instruments and their repertoire have a rich history. These three instruments were developed between 400-600 CE.


09/11/20 Leo Smit (1900-1943) Trio for Flute, Viola, and Harp.

Smit was a Dutch composer who was friends with Les Six. When Holland fell to the Nazis, the Jewish Smit was sent to Sobibor camp where he was killed.

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