#ClassicsaDay #ClassicalAutumn Week 3

In 2019 the Classics a Day team has been making its way through the seasons. We’ve had Classical Winter (January), Classical Spring (April), and Classical Summer (August). For October, we complete the cycle with Classical Autumn.

I tried to steer clear of the really obvious choices (like Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”). In the process, I managed to discover a few pieces and a composer that was new to me. Which, for me, is part of the fun of participating in the #ClassicsaDay feed. 

Here are my posts for the third week of #ClassicAutumn

10/14/19 Arnold Bax – November Woods

Bax completed his tone poem in November 1917, and it was premiered in November 1920. Bax wrote the work represented “nature in the late autumn.”

10/15/19 Joseph Marx -Eine Herbstsymphony

Marx’s “Autumn Symphony” polarized the audience at its 1921 Vienna premiere. Fistfights broke out, delaying the performance.


Frederick Delius – “Autumn”

This is the first movement from his “North Country Sketches,” depicting the Yorkshire Moorland countryside. It’s subtitled “The Wind Soughs in the Trees.”


10/17/19 Imogene Holst – Fall of the Leaf

Imogene was the daughter of Gustav Holst. Her 1962 “Fall of the Leaf” is a set of short pieces for solo cello.


10/18/19 Fabien Wallerand – Autumn for tuba and piano

Wallerand is a tuba virtuoso. He wrote “Autumn” for his first album of solo tuba music.

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