#ClassicsaDay #ClassicalA Week 4

Big A, little a, what begins with A? The Classics a Day team noticed that August did. And so the challenge for August was set. During the month post music by composers whose last names begin with the letter “A.”

There are actually quite a few. And I even found some whose first and last names began with A! Here are my posts for the fourth week of #ClassicalA of the #ClassicsaDay challenge.

08/21/23 Lera Auerbach (born 1973): Icarus

Auerbach is a composer, conductor, and concert pianist. She’s won the Hindemith Prize and received commissions from orchestras and choirs throughout Europe and the Americas. 

08/22/23 Marianna Auenbrugger (1759–1782): Sonata in E-flat major

Auenbrugger studied with both Haydn and Salieri. Haydn dedicated six of his piano sonatas to her and her sister Caterina. Salieri underwrote the expense of publishing Auenbrugger’s sonata after her death. 

08/23/23 Josepha Barbara Auernhammer (1758–1820): “Papageno Variations”

Auernhammer was a keyboard virtuoso. She studied with Mozart, who dedicated six violin sonatas to her. 

08/24/23 May Aufderheide (1888–1972): Dusty Rag

This was Afderheide’s first published rag. She would go on to write dozens more, including “The Thriller Rag” (1909). 

08/25/23 Caterina Assandra (c.1590 – after 1618): Duo Serarphim

Assandra was a Benedictine nun and a composer. She published two collections of motets. Op. 1 is lost, but Op. 2, Motetti à due, & tre voci, from 1609 survived. A few of her works have turned up in other collections from the early 1600s. 

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