#ClassicsaDay #Classical1922 Week 4

For January 2022 the Classics a Day Team decided to go back a century. The challenge this month is to post classical works associated with the year 1922. It can be a composition that was completed,  published, or premiered that year. It can even be a work recorded for the first time in 1922.

It turns out that 1922 was quite an eventful year! Here are my posts for the fourth and final week of #ClassicsaDay #Classical1922.

01/24/22 William Walton – Façade

The original version, premiered in 1922 featured Edith Sitwell’s verses recited with orchestral accompaniment. These arrangements were turned into orchestral suites, used for the 1931 ballet (without the poems). Walton’s 1977 Façade Revived feature poems not included in the original 1922 version.


01/25/22 Francis Poulenc – Sonata for Horn, Trumpet, and Trombone

This 1922 composition was dedicated to his close friend, author, and playwright Raymonde Linossier. He was devastated when she died suddenly in 1930 and could not compose for almost a year.


01/26/22 Manuel Infante – Sevillana “Impresiones de fiesta en Sevilla”

Infante was born in Spain but moved to France when he was 26. He completed this work in February 1922. It’s dedicated to José Iturbi, who was a champion of Infante’s music.


01/27/22 Ottorino Respighi – La bella dormente nel bosco

Respighi’s opera “The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods” was premiered in April 1922. The performance was given with marionettes, accompanied by singers and an orchestra. It was revised and staged as a regular opera in 11934.


01/28/22 Paul Hindemith – Suite 1922, Op. 26

This suite, completed in 1922, features several popular dances. Or rather, pastiches of them.

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