#ClassicsaDay #Classical1922 Week 1

For January, 2022 the Classics a Day Team decided to go back a century. The challenge this month is to post classical works associated with the year 1922. It can be a composition that was completed,  published, or premiered that year. It can even be a work recorded for the first time in 1922.

It turns out that 1922 was quite an eventful year! Here are my posts for the first week of #ClassicsaDay #Classical1922.

01/03/22 Igor Stavinsky – Mabra

This one-act opera premiered in June 1922. Stravinsky said, “Mavra seems to me the best thing I’ve ever done.” Eric Satie felt the same.


01/04/22 Julián Carrillo – Preludio a Colón, for Soprano y Ensemble

Carrillo had been developing his system of microtonal music since 1895. This 1922 work was the first composition written using his Sonido 13 (13th Sound) theoretical system.


01/05/22 George Antheil – Sonate Sauvage

This was one of the works Antheil toured Europe with. On the tour, he was billed as “a new ultra-modern pianist-composer.”


01/06/22 Kurt Atterberg – Cello Concerto

Atterberg completed this work in 1922. David Hurwitz said the concerto “is so beautiful and melodically attractive that you hardly notice the absence of thematic development.”


01/07/22 Amy Beach – From Blackbird Hills, Op. 83

This piano piece was published in 1922. It was one of three of Beach’s works that were published that year.

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