#ClassicsaDay #Classical1921 Week 4

What better way to celebrate a new year than with a look back? In this case, the Classics a Day team decided to go back 100 years. For January 2021 the challenge is to post works that were completed in or recordings released in 1921.

It turns out there was quite a lot going on that year. Here are my #ClassicsaDay posts for the fourth and final week of #Classical1921

01/25/21 Florent Schmitt – Mirages, Op. 70

Schmitt completed the piano version in 1921 and orchestrated it two years later. The first Mirage is dedicated to the memory of Claude Debussy and mimics his style.


01/26/21 John Alden Carpenter – Krazy Kat

Carpenter’s “Jazz Pantomime” was inspired by George Herriman’s popular comic strip. Carpenter completed the piano version in 1921. It was premiered in January 1922.


01/27/21 Ferrucio Busoni – Elegie for Clarinet and Piano

Busoni’s “Elegie” was written in 1920, and published a year later. It was a birthday present for Spanish clarinetist Edmondo Allegra. Busoni’s Concertino for Clarinet is also dedicated to his friend.


01/28/21 Arthur Honegger – Le Roi David

This 1921 work was premiered by the Mézières, Switzerland theater group. Honegger later standardized the unusual orchestration (written for the instruments at hand) in 1923.


01/29/21 Frank Bridge – 3 Minature Pastorales

Bridge wrote three sets of miniature pastorales. The first was in 1917, the remaining two in 1921.

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