Classical Music: A few program changes

As we start a new academic year, we are pleased to announce a few program changes in the Classical Department.

Classical Sunrise

Six months after the morning shows were combined under one name, they are drawing more listeners than ever.  We are now strengthening our team of hosts.  As from this week, Andrew Morgan has moved to join Allen Hench on alternate Tuesday mornings.

Replacing Andrew on Mondays, we are delighted to announce the new hosting team of Tim Snider and Dorian Brown, who will alternate, starting this week.  Our new weekday morning lineup looks like this:


Now there are even more good reasons to start your day with WTJU!

Thursday Evenings

Intermezzo will end its run on Thursday, September 3.   After many years in the Classical Department, The Contessa will be stepping aside from hosting duties, at least for a while, to focus on her many other commitments.  Andrew Pratt is also retiring from hosting. We thank them both for their many years of voluntary service to WTJU.

In place of Intermezzo, we’re pleased to launch a new program, Divertimento, hosted by Greg Cox, which will feature a few film themes mixed in with the classical music, with a focus on melody – or as Greg puts it “the healing, soothing power of the best melodies ever written.”  Join Greg on Thursday evenings, 6-8 pm, for excellent, melodic music to help you relax.

In other news, Sandy Snyder will be joining the Early Music Show team starting September 7.  And Paula O’Buckley makes a very welcome return to WTJU’s Classical Department as Ann Shaffer’s substitute host for A Time for Singing.

We are excited about the future of classical music at WTJU, and we hope you will be as well.



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