Classical Interviews – Matt Boehler and VHO’s “Fat Pig”

WTJU’s Paige Waterhouse spoke with Victory Hall Opera’s Matt Boehler about their new work, “Fat Pig.”

When Tom begins dating Helen, a confident plus-sized woman, he faces the taunts and judgment of his peers. In Helen, we finally see an operatic character, written specifically for a fat performer, telling of an experience that is all too common.

Adapted from the award-winning 2004 play by iconic American playwright Neil LaBute, this black comedy reveals the operatic reserves of human truth that lie beneath the surface of a workplace rom-com. –Victory Hall Opera Website

The final performance takes place January 27 at 8pm at the V. Earl Dickinson Theater at PVCC.

For more information, including how to purchase tickets, visit: Victory Hall Opera’s Website



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