Charming Disaster stop by CAJ, Apr 7

Tragi-Comic duo Charming Disaster will stop by WTJU this Thursday afternoon, April 7, a little after 12 (edt) to share a few murder ballads & love songs involving death, crime, and the supernatural.  Later that evening you can catch them over at the Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville (details).

Charming Disaster, a musical duo based in Brooklyn, NY, features indie bandleaders Ellia Bisker of Sweet Soubrette and Jeff Morris of Kotorino. They perform tragi-comic duets about love, death, crime, and the paranormal—exploring in song the various kinds of trouble a couple of people can get into with a ukulele and a guitar.

Begun in 2012 as a co-writing experiment, Charming Disaster soon evolved into a fully realized duo project, collaborating to create new songs with two voices and a shared narrative vision. The strange and compelling stories that result involve themes and characters like murder, crime, the paranormal, circus acts, carnival performers, con artists, sinister secretaries, and even Egyptian gods.

New York Music Daily describes Charming Disaster as “jaunty yet absolutely creepy…menacingly charming.”

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