• Host Profile: DJLP

    Name: Lia Harper Pepper Radio Name: DJLP Show: Foggy Notion, Tuesdays, 2 – 4 p.m. Day Job: Sales and Events Manager How long have you been a host at WTJU? Started shadowing in the summer of 2019 and co-hosting a show winter of 2020. Why did you become a WTJU host? I’ve always loved listening to […]

  • Host Profile: Ciclamino

    Name: Bill Pemberton Radio Name: Ciclamino Show: Midnight Confession, Tuesday, 11 p.m. – 1 a.m. How long have you been a host at WTJU? Approximately three years Why did you become a WTJU host? Wanted to do it way back to the 80s when I was undergrad. Finally found myself in a position where I felt […]

  • Meet Corrinne James, the artist behind this year’s Rock Marathon t-shirt

    WTJU’s 2021 Rock Marathon brings the goods from April 19 – 25. This year, we’re offering a bevy of thank-you gifts to our beloved donors — including a Rock Marathon mug, t-shirt, and poster. And who is the artist behind this year’s design? It’s the supremely talented Corrinne James, an Alexandria native who came to Charlottesville […]

  • Host profile: Rocker Panels

    On-air name: Rocker Panels Show: Carry the Zero, Thursdays, 2 – 4 p.m. Day Job: Director of Operations & Programming at The Paramount Theater How long have you been a host at WTJU? roughly 20 years Why did you become a WTJU host? I have loved radio pretty much as long as I can remember and […]

  • Host Profile: Dave Moore

    Name: Dave Moore Show: Ye Olde Tuesday Afternoon Rocke Show Day Job: Artist / painter How long have you been a host at WTJU? 11 years Why did you become a WTJU host? The slippery slope from listener to supporter to dj. What do you want to share with the world? A consistently good mixtape […]

  • Bob Girard & Charlie Pastorfield at The Stage, February 15 (8-9 pm)

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    If you look up “Charlottesville Music Royalty” in the dictionary, rumor is you will find a picture of these two gentlemen who have been playing together since time began. Tune in for a rare stripped-down acoustic session as they help raise funds for WTJU! Get those pledges in at 434-924-3959 or online at wtju.net. Don’t […]

  • Charlie Pastorfield reflects on Charlottesville, December 3

    Charlottesville legend Charlie Pastorfield will stop by WTJU this Thursday night, December 3, at 9 to share a few tunes off Charlottesville, a 2-disc set of songs Pastorfield as recorded between 1979 and 2018 by The Skip Castro Band, The Believers, Mark Roebuck and Noonday Ruin, The Gladstones, and Mama Tried, plus songs from his […]

  • Here’s what our rock DJs think you should listen to on Bandcamp

    The modern world affords us many opportunities to discover new music: Live shows, record stores. Zines, blogs, books. Social media. The algorithm. Radio.  In honor of this month’s Bandcamp Friday, which gives listeners the chance to support touring and recording musicians in a time where most can neither tour nor record, we’re offering you another: Recommendations from WTJU […]