Catch 2 Radio Dramas this Saturday Evening at 11pm

Photo taken by Marianne Lund

This weekend No Soap, Radio will air two very special radio dramas, produced by  the Renaissance school students, from 11pm-12am.

“The Monsters are due on Maple Street” is one of the most famous Twilight Zone episodes and you’ll have just one chance to catch it live. When a mysterious object flies across the sky and a whole neighborhood loses power, what starts as simple confusion quickly spirals into dangerous chaos as people begin to give in to fear.

“Into the Mind” is an original radio drama written and produced by the Renaissance school students. Jack Nagy was a child miner and it’s been 15 years since he’s spoken to anyone.  When a charismatic psychiatrist finally breaks the silence, what will he and Jack uncover as they dig into his past?

After the dramas, No Soap, Radio will also air an analysis interview with some of the students.

So be sure to tune in to No Soap, Radio this Saturday night at 11pm for two journeys through time and space.

Can’t wait? Here’s a short interview with some of the students who worked on the projects:




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