Boccherini String Trios, Op. 6 – classic performances

The name Lubotsky may ring a bell. Russian violinist Mark Lubotsky recorded Benjamin Britten’s Violin Concerto under the direction of the composer.

While this release is not likely to become as legendary as that Decca recording, there’s still some fine music-making going on here.

Mark Lubotsky, along with violinist Katarina Andreasson and cellist Olga Dowbusch-Lubotsky deliver sensitive, yet full-blooded performances of Luigi Boccherini’s Op. 6 string trios.

The 1769 trios were the third of seven such sets that Boccherini wrote, and aren’t recorded or as frequently performed as the later sets. Personally, I thought the works quite attractive and well-written (in other words: typical Boccherini).

The articulation of the Lubostky Trio is impeccable, making it easy to hear the structure of music. My only complaint is with the recording itself. The strings seem to have an edge to their sound, that can sometimes sound a little harsh. A minor EQ adjustment on my system seemed to remedy the problem, though.

Luigi Boccherini: String Trios Op. 6
Lubotsky Trio
Brilliant Classics

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