Best of 2022 – Pete

Pete hosts Sunset Road Friday afternoon from 4-6 (eastern).


Sam Bush/Radio John: Songs of John Hartford/Smithsonian Folkways

Joseph Decosimo/While You Were Slumbering/Sleep Cat Records

Tune Hash/Smothered & Covered/Tune Hash

Circus No. 9/Circus No. 9/Bonfire Music Group

Ian Coury /Bora Brasil/Ian Coury

Pharis & Jason Romero/Tell ‘Em You Were Gold/Smithsonian Folkways

John Doyle & Mick McAuley/John Doyle & Mick McAuley/John Doyle & Mick McAuley

Mr Sun/Extrovert/Compass

Olav Luksengård Mjelva/Hugnad/ Klangsmia Records

Kieran Kane & Rayna Gellert/The Flowers That Bloom in Spring/Dead Reckoning

Siomha/Infinite Space/Infinite Records

Cory Wong/Power Station/Roundwound Media

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