Best of 2022 – Peter Jones

Peter Jones hosts Folk & Beyond Thursday afternoon from 4-7.

These are in no particular order.  Please note I chose to not focus on music from the local area, but only from artists outside of Virginia.


Andrew Collins/Love Away The Hate/Sytesounds Music

Brittany Haas, Paul Kowert, Mike Gaisbacher/ Impromptu Sessions No. 1: Brittany Haas/Padiddle

Olav Luksengård Mjelva//Hugnad/ Olav Luksengård Mjelva

Hawktail/Place of Growth/Padiddle

Sam Reider and Jorge Glem/Brooklyn Cumaná/Guataca Nights Foundation

The Lodestar Trio/Bach to Folk/Naxos World Music

Grant Gordy and Jacob Jolliff/Our Delight/Grant Gordy and Jacob Jolliff

Ross Martin/Sylvan Tunnel/Ross Martin

Mr. Sun/Extrovert/Compass

Scott Nygaard/Flown South/Scott Nygaard

Ian Coury/Bora Brasil/Ian Coury

Circus No. 9/Circus No. 9/Bonfire

The Foreign Landers/Traveler’s Rest/Tin Foil Studios

Don Stiernberg, Evan Price, Greg Ruby, Kevin Kehrberg /Rhythm Twist/ Don Stiernberg, Evan Price, Greg Ruby, Kevin Kehrberg

Max Johnson/Hermit Music/Unbroken Sounds

Rakish/Counting Down the Hours/Rakish

Hemlock & Hickory/Hemlock & Hickory/Hemlock & Hickory

Karl Berger, Max Johnson, Billy Mintz/Sketches/Fresh Sound

Jacob Jolliff/The Jacob Jolliff Band/Adhyâropa

Dominick Leslie & Ric Robertson/Impromptu Sessions No. 2: Dominick Leslie & Ric Robertson (Trust In Most)/Padiddle

Billy Cardine/Concrete Garden, Vol. 1: Fusion/Indidog

Billy Cardine/Concrete Garden (Vol. 2: Roots)/Indidog

Billy Cardine/Concrete Garden (Vol. 3: Overseas)/Indidog

The Slocan Ramblers/Up the Hill and Through the Fog/SLOMUSIC

Sam Reider/Petrichor/Slow & Steady

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