WTJU Best of 2021 – Alex Davis

Alex alternates on Atlantic Weekly II Saturday mornings from 10-noon (eastern).

Rakish/Counting Down the Hours/Rakish

Aidan Connolly/The Portland Bow/Raelach Records

Kevin Elam/If I Were a Small Bird: Traditional Ballads on War & Loss/ Kevin Elam

Cara/Grounded/Cara Records

Mishra/Reclaim/Shedbuilt Records

Brian Finnegan/Hunger of the Skin/Brian Finnegan

Brenda Castles/The Light Side of the Tune/Brenda Castles
Hugh Healy/Ceolaire/Hugh Healy
The Murphy Beds/The Easy Way Down/The Murphy Beds
Hannah James & Toby Kuhn/Sleeping Spirals/JigDoll Records

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