Banjo vs Fiddle with Seth Swingle & Aaron Olwell LIVE, Oct 8

For years the banjo has crushed every other stringed instrument when it came to fundraising on WTJU. Multi-award winning Banjo player Seth Swingle, who has been part of several of these fundraising challenges, is getting ready to head off to Mali for continued studies of various West African instruments. First, however, Seth has thrown down the gauntlet for one final battle of the stringed instruments, and Clifftop winning fiddler Aaron Olwell has accepted that challenge!

So tune in Thursday, October 8, from 4-6 pm (edt), as these two great musicians, with their respective instruments in hand, battle for the crown of “Best Stringed Instrument” as part of the 2015 WTJU Fall Pledge Drive.

You can vote with your pledge at 434-924-3959, or by donating on-line. Just be sure to specify “Banjo” or “Fiddle” and “Folk & Beyond.” May the best instrument win!


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