Audiophile Society Delivers With Strauss Release

This is a release from the Audiophile Society. So sound quality is paramount. But on this release, performance quality is also paramount. The album presents two different mixes of the same Strauss tone poem.

Mega-Dimensional Sound is a 3D audio format developed by the Audiophile Society (that is, its founder, chief engineer, and bottlewasher David Chesky). The format accounts for different listening environments. Because when it comes to playback, one size does not fit all.

The headphone mix is for intimate listening. It’s for high-performance headphones powered by a headphone amp for optimal responsiveness. The mix takes into account that the speakers are inches from the ears. And the sound is contained within earcups.

This mix reproduces what would be heard in the studio. It’s a clean, detailed sound. The instrumental timbers are accurately reproduced, but there’s virtually no ambiance. In other words, an ideal reocrding to explore sonically through headphones.

The speaker mix adds ambeince. It’s designed for reproduction in an open space. The sound is still very detailed. But it sounds fuller. The soundfield conveys a real sense of dimension. One can hear the orchestra spread out before them, and pick out where soloists are located.

If this were just an audio demo, I wouldn’t write about it (not my beat). But the performanc merits the effort. The Czech National Symphony Orchestra delivers a committed performance.

Strauss was an innovative orchestrator. The orchestra delivers, always with a clear, balanced sound. Seven Mercurio keeps things moving along. I have heard performances where things get a little unfocused along the way. Not here.

Mercurio knows where he’s going with this score, and how he wants the orchestra to respond. And they do.

Make sure you play the proper mix for your media. The headphone mix played through speakers can sound a little flat. And if you’re downloading, get the highest resolution file you can. It will make a difference.

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