Michael Clem, Peyton Tochterman, Sally Rose, and Justin Storer Swing By Around This Town, Oct 6

Around This Town, heard each Tuesday afternoon from 4-6 (edt), is the place on the radio dial and web stream to know what’s happening musically around this town (and beyond).  Like all of the WTJU Folk programs, it is fairly common to have musical acts stop by for a visit.  But this week as part of the WTJU Fall Fund Drive, we will have four of them (and a rumor of one or two more) swing by to show their love for WTJU.

Michael Clem, Peyton Tochterman, Sally Rose, and Justin Storer will ruminate about why WTJU deserves your donation (434-924-3959, or on-line).  And word is Peyton might even bring his guitar along to share a few tunes you will probably hear at his gig down at Ashland Coffee & Tea this Wednesday night (details).Michael ClemPeytonSally RoseJustin


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