Angela On The Arts LIVE on WTJU, June 11

The members of Angela On The Arts will stop by the WTJU studios this Monday night, June 11, at 9:30 (edt) for a live session during Point Of Departure.  You can listen locally at 91.1 FM, and on-line at, TuneIn, or on your smart speaker by saying “Play WTJU”.

Angela On The Arts is a newly formed trio convened by trumpeter/composer John D’earth. D’earth plays trumpet, flugelhorn, and percussion in the group. Michelle Oliva plays bass clarinet and employs looping. Bonnie Gordon plays the viola. The group has been exploring freely improvised music since late 2017. Their jazz-and-chamber-music-inflected sound reflects a cacophony of influences: early jazz, Miles Davis, Eric Dolphy, Ornette Coleman, medieval music, Arnold Schoenberg, John Cage, rock & roll, Charles Ives…they keep discovering new ways to summon and conjoin, spontaneously, the music they’ve heard throughout their lives. Three voices, three contentions, three intentions, interweaving, interlocking, clashing combatively or finding a meditative consonance, tenderly upholding the solo voice or drowning it by collective fiat. The music is dramatic, original, humorous, surprising, meditative, outraged and outrageous. Angela On The Arts embraces a cheerful acceptance of chaos in the search for musical meaning and order.

The group will be part of the Virginia Arts Festival’s Funhouse Fest coming up in Williamsburg, VA June 21-23.  Other acts acts scheduled to perform include Bruce Hornsby and The Noisemakers, Alison Krauss, the Wood Brothers, and soul singer Deva Mahal.

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