Ah, Bach!

phoneWhy do our volunteers give up their time to present programs of carefully-selected music for you? Well, here’s a partial answer.

Rob Nowicki was hosting “The Early Music Show” on August 8, 2011, and aired a particularly strong lineup of music from Telemann, Graun, Purcell…. and Bach.

Ah, Bach!

Rob aired Bach’s Cantata # 169 “Gott soll allein mein Herze haben” BWV 169,  from a Harmonia Mundi release featuring Bernada Fink, mezzo soprano; Frieburger Barockorchester; and Petra Mullejan, director.

After the program, he found the following voice mail from an anonymous caller, whose voice trembled with emotion.

“I am so happy to have heard this wonderful-not wonderful-magnificent!-ecstatic! divine! music…….The Bach has been beyond description-I am enchanted by it!  I wish to send to the man who has been taking care of it all blessings-blessings on him and many, many thanks.  Good bye.”

We know we air great music that can stir the soul. It’s wonderful when we receive an occasional acknowledgement.

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