Current CAB Member List

Current Board Members

UVA Faculty/Staff Members:

Peter Brunjes, Professor, Dept. of Psychology
Marcel Durieux, Professor, Dept. of Anesthesiology
Bonnie Gordon, Professor, Dept. of Music
A.D. Carson, Professor, Dept. of Music
Emma Terry, Programs & Communication Manager, UVA Arts
Ray Lindsay, Dept. of Anesthesiology

Community Members:

Marcia Doran
Daniel Grogan
Michael Sokolowski
Brian Menard
Susan Krischel
Cheri Lewis

WTJU & WXTJ Volunteers & Department Leaders:

Nick Rubin
Lia Pepper
Andrew Morgan
Brian Keena
Steve Harris
David Eisenman
Leslie Scott-Jones
Peter Jones
Gary Funston
George Dayton
Tim Snider
Ashley Park
Dave Rogers
Rebecca Foster
Ralph Graves
Ella Fesler
Matthew Simon

Ex Officio members:

Nathan Moore, General Manager


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