Community Advisory Board Guidelines

WTJU Community Advisory Board Guidelines

WTJU-FM and its sister station WXTJ-LP are the radio stations of the University of Virginia, These stations are owned by the Rector and Board of Visitors of the University. WTJU reports to the Provost’s office by way of the Vice Provost for the Arts.

The WTJU Community Advisory Board provides a broad perspective on the general operation of WTJU and helps ensure that the station accomplishes its stated purpose in accordance with the requirements of its license. More specifically, the duties of the Board include the following:

To oversee the policies of WTJU with a view to ensure that the station’s practices confirm to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, the mission of the University of Virginia and the Mission Statement of WTJU:

  • To review the station’s programming efforts in balancing community and University interests;
  • To periodically assess the station’s financial procedures and status as well as the station’s success in recruiting a diverse staff;
  • To provide assistance in developing and reviewing the long range plan for WTJU; and
  • To make recommendations to WTJU management and supervisors.

Makeup of Board

The general makeup of the Board includes 11 or more voting members. The Board encourages diversity in the makeup of its membership and does not discriminate on the basis of ethnic background, age, sex, religion or physical disability.

  • General Manager of WTJU, a non-voting member of the Board
  • At least four faculty or staff members of the University of Virginia;
  • At least four members of the WTJU listening community without University affiliations;
  • At least two undergraduate or graduate U.Va. students
  • At least one WTJU alumnus
  • Additional at-large members, unspecified

Internal makeup of Board:

Voting members of the Board elect the following officers:

  • Chairperson: This person will be charged as “Chair” of the Board. The Chair organizes meetings, develops agendas, leads meetings, and keeps the CAB on task.
  • Vice Chairperson: The Vice Chair acts as Chair in case of absence or inability to fulfill Chair duties. The Vice Chair acts as Secretary in case of absence or inability to fulfill Secretary duties.
  • Secretary: The Secretary records and maintains minutes from Board meetings and shares with all Board members in a timely manner following each meeting.
  • Executive Committee: An executive committee will consist of the WTJU General Manager, Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary of the Board. The Executive Committee oversees recruitment procedures for Board members, interviews candidates for the Board, assists with other internal duties, and makes recommendations to the Board at large.

Recruiting, appointing and charging of Board

Board Recruiting Responsibilities

  • The WTJU General Manager in conjunction with the extant Board members (this responsibility may be executed by the executive committee) will recruit new members for the following categories of the Board:
    • Faculty or Staff of the University of Virginia
    • Representatives from the Community
    • U.Va. students (undergraduate or graduate)
    • WTJU Alumnus/a
    • At-Large Members
  • The WTJU General Manager will recommend new members to the Board, which may briefly interview potential members at its next meeting, as it sees fit
  • The Board will vote to appoint or not appoint new members to the Board

Terms of Membership

  • The General Manager serves ex-officio.
  • Community, Alumnus, Faculty & Staff, and At-Large terms are for two years. Terms shall be staggered such that approximately half of the Board member terms end any given year. Terms of all Board members are renewable per approval of the WTJU General Manager.
  • Student terms are for one year with a limit of five consecutive terms. Terms of all Board members are renewable per approval of the WTJU General Manager.
  • The Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary of the Board are elected from its membership. Each will serve for one year with term renewable.
  • Executive committee members will serve for one year, renewable per re-election by Board members.

Rules of Order

  • Robert’s Rules of Order will be observed in all meetings
  • Meetings will be announced at least one month in advance except for emergency sessions
  • Meeting announcements will be accompanied by a brief agenda set by the Chair of the Board in conjunction with the General Manager of WTJU. Additions to the agenda may be proposed by membership.