2021 Summer Camp Shows

This summer, we have four groups of students learning the fundamentals of radio by producing music shows from theme brainstorming to final editing. After each week, we’ll add the shows below for friends, family, and everyone to enjoy.

2021 Camps

June 21-25 – St. Anne’s-Belfield School

Sophie and Sophia

Cate and Haley

Sophia, Margaret, and Parrish

Alex, Ari, and Kevin

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July 12-16 – WTJU Middle School Camp

“Bittersweet” – Ceci and Ellie

“Gamecore” – Tristan and Oliver

“The Rolling Rocks” – Jake, Gabriel, and Eamon

“Project Rock” – Lena and Abby

“Pop is Fun” – Sophia and Carly

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July 19-23 – WTJU Elementary School Camp

“All Around the World Pop” – Vivian and Whit

“Turn Up the Music” – Lourdes and Cordelia

“Kpop Waves” – Elodie, Ella, and Muriel

July 26-30 – WTJU Combined Camp

“One Hour Wonder” – Nathan and Mav

“Pop Rocks” – Stella and Ameya

“KomPop” – Sam and Manan

“Music to the Max” – Colleen and Cordelia

“Pop and Broadway Music” – Violet and Kate

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