The Classical Marathon: Day 4 Sunday, December 6


adventxmasThe Classical Marathon finishes with a superb line-up of programs.  The day begins with a First Light Special.  Radio Symphony Orchestras may not have survived long in the United States, but they continue to flourish in Europe.  Once the chief source of live broadcasts of traditional repertoire, they now are leaders in educational outreach and approaches to redefining the role of the orchestra in today’s media landscape.  Turn up the dial and sit back for a truly classic experience as Francesca revisits Toscanini and the NBC Symphony and tours performances by some of today’s leading broadcast orchestras.

From 9 am to 12 noon, we invite you to tune in for The Advent-Christmas Special.  Start off the festive season with inspiring classical works from the Middle Ages to the present day!  At 10 am, English composer John Rutter will join us to introduce some of his own Christmas music.

parsifalOur luxury Sunday opera feature is Parsifal, at a special time, 12 noon.   Join Tim Snider and Ann Shaffer as they present Wagner’s last and most enigmatic masterpiece.  It has fascinated listeners since its premiere, and a performance of Parsifal is always an occasion. Join our Wagnerians in this special six-hour edition of WTJU’s ever-popular Sunday Opera Matinee.

organFrom 6-7:30 pm, you can hear a regally extended edition of the King of Instruments, featuring an imperial presentation of majestic compositions from Alain to Zipoli.

handelThe Marathon concludes with a stellar performance of Handel’s celebrated oratorio Messiah, beginning at 7:30 pm.  Afterwards from 10 until 11 pm, relax with an hour of post-Marathon ballet music from Swan Lake.

The 2015 Classical Marathon: four days of gorgeous classical music – just for your pleasure!

Want more information on the rest of the Marathon?

You can view the schedule with descriptions for each show here.

You can also download an overview of the schedule here.


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