WTJU Best of 2020 – Rebecca

Rebecca alternates on the Eclectic Woman Show Tuesday afternoons from 12-2 (eastern).

Diane Cluck/Common Wealth/Diane Cluck
Resistance Revival Chorus/This Joy/Righteous Babe Records
Lorraine Duisit/In My Heart I Am Dancing/Lorraine Duisit
Miss Tess/The Moon Is An Ashtray/Tone Tree
Gillian Welch/Boots No. 2 The Lost Songs Vol. 1/Acony
Tara Dente/Truth In The Mud/Travianna
Cindy Cashdollar/Waltz for Abilene/Silver Shot
Suzzy Roche And Lucy Wainwright Roche/I Can Still Hear You/Storysound
Ruthie Foster Big Band/Live At The Paramount/Blue Corn Music
Joachim Cooder/Over That Road I’m Bound/Nonesuch

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