WXTJ seeks donations for a Communal Charlottesville PA system


WXTJ Student Radio has been committed to nurturing the little DIY music community we have in Charlottesville and promoting student and locally originated music. But in order for people do Do It Themselves, they need the proper tools.

WXTJ wants to purchase a Public Amplification system — complete with speakers, a mixing board, mics and cables; everything someone would need to put on a concert themselves. WXTJ will set up an online system that will allow students and locals from Charlottesville to register a show that they are putting along and submit all the information about that show, including when and where it is, and who is playing. They will then be able to borrow the PA system for use at their show. In the time leading up to the show, WXTJ will promote the show through all available channels — On air announcements, Social Media, etc — to ensure ample awareness about the show. The hosts of the show will get this service free of charge, allowing them to put all donations collected at the show toward paying the artists supplying music for the show.

The goal of this project is to democratize the tools necessary to put on great, homegrown concerts, and do what we can to bridge the gap between the UVa and greater Charlottesville music community.

BUT: To do this, we need funding.  Because this is a resource that will be shared with the greater Charlottesville community, this is a project that is independent from UVA.  You can donate and/or share this project here.  You can also support by coming to our art show, where the proceeds will also go towards this fund.


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