12:00am The Night Shift with Asay and Henok free form
Hosted by Asay Haile and Henok Waltengus

An eclectic mix of sounds spanning various genres. Tune in and turn up.

8:00am Music w/ Daniel and Jack free form
Hosted by Daniel Kiracofe and Jack Royer

10:00am Music w/ Quinn and Maddie free form
Hosted by Quinn Chu and Maddie Budreau

12:00pm Moose Hat Mountain Waves // Music w/ Caroline free form
Hosted by Molly Strauchler // Caroline Kinsella

Tune in for a variety of rock, folk, and indie vibes. //

2:00pm Music w/ Sydney free form
Hosted by Sydney Bradley

4:00pm Music w/ Aleah free form
Hosted by Aleah Michael

6:00pm Music w/ Darby // Grounds Control to Major Tom free form
Hosted by Darby Delaney // Caitlin Green and Allie Lowy

8:00pm Music w/ Thomas and Ryan free form
Hosted by Thomas Casalino and Ryan Wirtz

10:00pm Backpack Brigade free form
Hosted by Ian Ware and Brian Cameron

You're not my real dad, and other insights from Ian and Brian. Come for the shoegaze and experimental pop, stay for the Marxist discourse and affordable housing analysis.


12:00am Skinny Legend and Skateboard Jesus free form
Hosted by Brad Sheen and Tyson Scherer

We play good ole music.

8:00am one cream, five sugars free form
Hosted by Ali Goldstein and Cabell Eggleston

The perfect thing to sweeten your morning! (Actual glucose concentration may vary.)

10:00am Currents/Correntes free form
Hosted by Sarah Howorth and Carolina Campos

For the first hour, Caro Campos explores many of the musical genres of Brasil from bossa nova to new funk with some hip hop and R&B features. During the second hour, Sarah Howorth provides some R&B tracks, in addition to indie, bedroom pop, and songs with a lo-fi, electronic vibe. Some artists you can expect to hear include Steve Lacy, Clairo, Gal Costa, and Saba.

12:00pm Vesper Bat! free form
Hosted by Tori Cherry and Anna Warner

one day we heard the music of bats and it brought us to tears. our goal = convey even a portion of that emotion to you.

2:00pm Femme FM free form
Hosted by Mini Arias, Liezl Vergara, and Sadie Modica

3 gals tryna give platform to female artists, good tunez go hoos

4:00pm Q&J free form
Hosted by Quinn Chu and Jack Bonham

Can you dig it?

6:00pm Music w/ Gabby and Mara free form
Hosted by Gabby Ringer and Mara Guyer

8:00pm Music w/ Tim and Josh free form
Hosted by Tim Schott and Josh Wohlgemuth

10:00pm Radio Emilio // The Freezer free form
Hosted by Emilio Rivera // Malcolm Ilnicky


12:00am Graveyard Shift free form
Hosted by Kate Bollinger, Gene Jones, and James Berlin

A great show featuring hip hop, R&B, and Indie Music. You may hear us drop some knowledge from time to time because that's just what we do.

8:00am Here Comes the Sun // Good Morning Good Morning with Val & Ryan free form
Hosted by Valentin Vila and Ryan Doerr

The sad indie queen and king of classic rock giving you some tunes that pair well with your morning coffee.

10:00am Jams with Jack and Max free form
Hosted by Jack Polk and Max Russ

A little bit of everything.

12:00pm Glow Radio free form
Hosted by Evan Frolov

Wednesday afternoon mix of indie, world, classical, and whatever is on repeat at the Inning house.

2:00pm Good Tunes for People Who Like Bad Tunes free form
Hosted by Bryant Murphy

An attempt to play a little bit of everything that always ends up being some alt rock and some post punk.

4:00pm Music w/ Maya free form
Hosted by Maya Hally

6:00pm The Promised Land // Music w/ Danya free form
Hosted by Dan Bader // Danya Abutaleb

The Promised Land covers the spectrum of rock music and related genres, spanning the decades with the commonality of great tunes. //

8:00pm Music w/ Aline and Ian free form
Hosted by Aline Dolinh and Ian Greene

10:00pm Music w/ Jackson and Sooyun free form
Hosted by Jackson Kosmacki and Sooyun Byeon


12:00am Park Place free form
Hosted by Sean Park

I play the best rap you never heard of.

8:00am Beetle Beats free form
Hosted by Mary Gordon and Livi Baker

10:00am Mr. Anderson and the Trashman free form
Hosted by Justin Hennessy and Nicolas Anderson

12:00pm Music w/ Levi free form
Hosted by Levi Schult

2:00pm Music w/ Peyton and Hannah free form
Hosted by Peyton Rice and Hannah Umansky

4:00pm Music w/ Susan and Anna free form
Hosted by Susan Grochmal and Anna Brush

6:00pm Music w/ Matt, Lauren, and Katie free form
Hosted by Matt Lowry, Lauren Maze, and Katie Keese

8:00pm Music w/ Vika and Faye free form
Hosted by Vika Herrera and Faye Park

10:00pm Music w/ Steven free form
Hosted by Steven Richards


12:00am The Witching Hour free form
Hosted by Jordan Simpson and Camryn Fischer

Alt R&B, dreamy flow for your late night rituals.

8:00am the fry-up free form
Hosted by Seshi Konu

I'll be fryin' up a mix of smooth, sharp, spry, and strident sounds to simmer your Friday mornings down to a slow bubble or to sauce them up! So while, you're enjoying the aroma of hash browns, eggs, bacon, and all the other breakfast confectionaries enjoy a weekly dose of my little mix.

10:00am Soft and Hard free form
Hosted by Kevin Westfield

A visceral, organic experience allowing the listener the most extreme of emotions ;)

12:00pm High Noon free form
Hosted by Mary Rockwell and Lyla Ward

take it easy with lyla and mary

2:00pm Music w/ David and Justin free form
Hosted by David Broome and Justin Moyer

4:00pm Frowzy Friday free form
Hosted by Jake Shaw and Matt Dowdy

Hosted by Jake and Matt, Frowzy Friday showcases a wide variety of music covering experimental, electronic, world, ambient, jazz, and classical genres ( many more). We hope you listen for an eclectic mix of tunes that aren%u2019t normally played on the radio.

6:00pm Music w/ Aiden and Emanuel free form
Hosted by Aiden Myers and Emanuel Abraham

8:00pm Sam and Cliff's Variety Hours free form
Hosted by Sam Nicol and Cliff Lin

An eclectic mix of whatever it is we happen to feel like playing today.

10:00pm "In the Works" with Stephanie DeHart and Caroline Hullman free form
Hosted by Stephanie Dehart and Caroline Hullman

Getting wild? Just chillin' with the homies? Whatever you're up to at the peak of your Friday night, we serve up all sorts of tunes%u2014this includes but is not limited to indie, rock, folk, and jazz.


12:00am Music w/ Shiki and Ruby free form
Hosted by Shiki Anderson and Ruby Nwaebube

8:00am Tears For Hears free form
Hosted by Lucy Hopkins, Molly Cardenas, and Fiona O'Reilly

Ecclectic Mix of Jams

10:00am Music w/ Sam and Brin free form
Hosted by Sam Nicholson and Brin

12:00pm Rumspringa free form
Hosted by Annie Parnell and Meagan O'Rourke

Two powerful lady DJs running on Dunkin Donuts and girl punk, here to rock your mid-Saturday world. Feel our friendship and music through the sound waves!

2:00pm Music w/ Elliot and Nan free form
Hosted by Elliot Van Noy and Nan

4:00pm Music w/ Tom and Sophie free form
Hosted by Tom Sobolik and Sophie Liebergal

6:00pm Music w/ Charlie and Hill free form
Hosted by Charlie Bailey and Hill Duggan

8:00pm Music w/ River and Eli free form
Hosted by River and Eli Ratzlaff

10:00pm Tonight Only free form
Hosted by Galen Moore and Sid Ajith

Tonight Only presents music every Saturday night. Only. Don't think too hard about it.


12:00am Music w/ Jimmy and Caleb free form
Hosted by Jimmy Qing and Caleb Briggs

8:00am Music w/ Alejandro and John free form
Hosted by Alejandro Di Napoli and John Azar

10:00am Music w/ Miles and Marshall free form
Hosted by Miles Cooper and Marshall Perfetti

12:00pm Music w/ Craig and Jacob free form
Hosted by Craig Gallagher and Jacob Bagoly

2:00pm Music w/ Remy free form
Hosted by Remy Kyle

4:00pm Music w/ Emma and Kendall free form
Hosted by Emma Graig and Kendall Stevens

6:00pm The County Line w/ Jack and Alice free form
Hosted by Jack Luecke and Alice Clair

Heavy jams, smooth grooves, hot kicks, cool tunes. Meet us at the county line!

8:00pm Music w/ Cameron and Mia // The Skinny Jean Committee free form
Hosted by Cameron Balish and Mia Sweeney // Eoin McKenna

// The Skinny Jean Committee is a 80's New Wave show hosted by Eoin McKenna twice monthly.

10:00pm Music w/ Akash free form
Hosted by Akash Raje

Sorry, No shows match your selection.