12:00am Dream State free form
Hosted by Grace Joyner

No promises that this show will induce sleep or put you into a 'dream state.' It gets loud sometimes.

8:00am Hot Tub Listening Club free form
Hosted by Joseph Kerrigan and Kamya Sanjay

Just Say “No" to Genre Consistency

10:00am unsegmented free form
Hosted by dj nematode

join me as we dig into the underground hits of college radio

12:00pm grilled cheese on rye free form
Hosted by Ali Goldstein

Some indie folk, some art pop, and a whole lotta yearning

2:00pm From Dylan to Doja free form
Hosted by Lazuli Cristol

an eclectic collection of genreless music

4:00pm The Roach Room free form
Hosted by Ella Tynch

Bug out with everything from Max Roach to Madlib.

6:00pm Music to Fill the void free form
Hosted by Cam and Zoe

Choose your own adventure... jam style

8:00pm BEDROOM BOPS! free form
Hosted by Ashley

You're not just in your room. You're in a potential powerhouse of artistic expression. Dance party? Pity party? (Tea party?) Join me and we'll do 'em all.

10:00pm The Nina Phoebe Show free form
Hosted by Phoebe Draper and Nina Dickenson

The Nina Phoebe Show plays exactly what you want to hear. Our weekly themes circle through a range of topics and genres throughout our shows, mainly returning to our home base of Indie Rock.


12:00am sober free form
Hosted by Miriam Hossaini and Dillon McDowell

If we don’t talk a lot, it’s because we only have 2 hours and way too much music in the queue. Sometimes we have a theme like “all women artists” or “my brother’s 2020 top 100” but normally we just play whatever we’ve had on repeat.

8:00am Rock n Roll Cowboy free form
Hosted by Thomas Green

This show will feature classic rock music and music that makes you feel like a cowboy. Because this show contains multitudes, other music will also be played.

10:00am tarot beats free form
Hosted by Ella Fesler

Tarot card reading & new music each week

12:00pm Tuesday at Noon blues
Hosted by DJ Auto

2:00pm The Quadrupole Moment free form
Hosted by Levi Schult

Come for the music, stay for the space

4:00pm Roastbeef free form
Hosted by Livi Baker

Music to frolic to. Calling all hairy woodland creatures and protein deficient vegans.

6:00pm Listen with Lazybones free form
Hosted by Hannan Mumtaz

Come for the eclectic mix of indie, funk, acid rock, hip-hop, and stay for the unwarranted life's ponderings by your favorite 19 year old lazybones.

8:00pm Bookmarked Indie free form
Hosted by Cate Pearce and Emily Bekker

Two gals who mix indie, folk, and classic rock with discussions about our favorite/current reads!

10:00pm Kat Of All Trades free form
Hosted by Kat Hansen

Tune in on Tuesday from Ten to Twelve to hear me survey different Topics and pretend to know what I’m Talking about.


12:00am Goated free form
Hosted by Eli

Transmitting secret goth chad numerology

8:00am say hi to Mushroom for me free form
Hosted by Audrey Himes and Elliot Van Noy

two straight hours of Elliot enduring Aud's aries tendencies

10:00am Wednesday at 10 blues
Hosted by DJ Auto

12:00pm across the 8th dimension free form
Hosted by Fi O'RS

according to wikipedia in physics, the 8th dimension contains all other dimensions, thus including everything! which is more or less what this show does with genres

2:00pm Currents free form
Hosted by Sarah Howorth

Get ready to take a deep breath and chill out to some Indie and R&B tracks. Let’s slow down with these fast songs for the soul.

4:00pm Weekly Vibecheck free form
Hosted by Max Russ and Isaac Goldstone

Welcome to Weekly Vibecheck, a two-hour show that's commonplace for interesting tunes, rambling commentary, and most importantly, good vibes. Hosted by Isaac Goldstone & Max Russ. Aargg!!

6:00pm Chao Agenda free form
Hosted by Karim Shoorbajee

Stuff to make you dance and feel good possibly. Chao Garden vibes only.

8:00pm The New Current free form
Hosted by Carly Lester and Layla Alagic

Classic rock, psychedelia, modern electronic, Brit pop, you never know what you're going to get.

10:00pm Tea Time free form
Hosted by Omika

2 hours of bops and tea and commentary with Omika!


12:00am Thursday at Midnight blues
Hosted by DJ Auto

8:00am Sound Siblings free form
Hosted by Asia Kurtalic

If you like music you'll love this! Discover new artists based on the ones you already love as we journey through different genres underground scenes under the guidance of some of the most influential and popular artists in the music industry.

10:00am Moose Hat Mountain Waves free form
Hosted by Molly

a crazy rollercoaster of a radio ride

12:00pm Thursday at Noon blues
Hosted by DJ Auto

2:00pm Long Distance Relationship free form
Hosted by Jee-Ho Kim and Cristin Choi

safe cool and warm

4:00pm Driving in my Honda CR-V free form
Hosted by Dan Arnold

Tunes sponsored by my indestructible used 2013 Honda CR-V.

6:00pm Cowboy Church free form
Hosted by Annie Parnell and Sadie Modica

Annie and Sadie bring a whole new meaning to "bedroom pop." Because it's in a bedroom, and they're playing pop...sometimes. Come get saved!

8:00pm Music with Ethan Brassard and Saaran Zaman free form
Hosted by Ethan Brassard and Saaran Zaman

10:00pm Chef's Turntable free form
Hosted by Walter Sharon

A 2-hour tasting menu of multifarious musical mesmerism. Prepare to be crazed, dazed, and amazed by this weekly sonic curation, using locally sourced commentary and world-class record pairings. No reservations required.


12:00am Friday at Midnight blues
Hosted by DJ Auto

8:00am cinnamon raisin free form
Hosted by Tori Cherry

delicious jams, or tasty tunes if you will

10:00am Friday at 10 blues
Hosted by DJ Auto

12:00pm The Charlottesville Shoegaze Show free form
Hosted by Jack Davidson

Your weekly dose of beatiful noise.

2:00pm Music with Jana Kral free form
Hosted by Jana Kral

4:00pm Diddy Bopz free form
Hosted by Caleb Parnell

A show that plays music from a variety of genres including Hip Hop, R&B, Alternative, & more. Tune in every week for a new themed show.

6:00pm Friday at 6 blues
Hosted by DJ Auto

8:00pm Magical Mystery Meat free form
Hosted by Zola Price and Gillian Liedke

Mama didn't raise no fools. Good thing we're orphans.

10:00pm what? free form
Hosted by Ellis Nolan

Longmont Potion Castle feat. Thundercat feat. Raymond Scott feat. The Awesome Snakes feat. Jeff Besos' laugh feat. dril feat. apples (as in the fruit) feat. bananas (also as in the fruit) feat. Chick-Fil-A forks feat. general anesthesia type radio show.


12:00am Songs From A Room free form
Hosted by John Gnik

Late night folk music

8:00am U up? free form
Hosted by Lucy Hopkins

An 8-10 am radio show on saturday mornings is inherently only for those who are Up. Lots of music, likely some rambling.

10:00am The Unexpected Hours free form
Hosted by Cab

Tired of having a stable music taste? Break your reliable playlists with this eclectic radio show! With commentary and care given to each song, no genre is left behind on The Unexpected Hours.

12:00pm And They Were Roommates free form
Hosted by Gabby Ringer and Mara Guyer

oh my god...they were roommates. join gabby and mara for one final semester before they graduate and/or invent time travel and decide to experience the mamma mia wrap party firsthand. we play bops, bangers, jams and everything in between.

2:00pm CumuloBimbus free form
Hosted by Craig Gallagher and Jacob Bagoly

A bimbus on-air is worth two in your hair.

4:00pm Where do we go from here? free form
Hosted by Leigh Hatfield and Emma Shimp

Just two goons listening to some funky tunes, trying to survive these pandemic glooms... themed every week :)

6:00pm Nighttime Noise free form
Hosted by Jenna Onetto

Indie, alt, rock, pop, punk, folk and whatever else I'm listening to that week.

8:00pm The Green Bean Casserole Show free form
Hosted by Maggie Dunbar and Siobhan McPherson

10:00pm Saturday at 10 blues
Hosted by DJ Auto


12:00am Sunday at Midnight blues
Hosted by DJ Auto

8:00am Sunday at 8 blues
Hosted by DJ Auto

10:00am Poder Latino free form
Hosted by Xochilt Diaz “La Conejita” and Latinx student leaders

Poder Latino celebrates the cultural values of our local Latinx community by brining opinion leaders to educate our audience on important current events and opportunities in the Charlottesville area. The show also promotes Latinx music, fostering more unity between our cultures. Broadcast in Spanish, this radio show is for both the Latinx youth and the Latino community at large with hosts and guest speakers well-known by both of these audiences.

12:00pm Music with Jenn Curry free form
Hosted by Jenn Curry

2:00pm Sunday Brunch with Caroline and Chloe free form
Hosted by Chloe Becker and Caroline Young

The best part of brunch is the comforting dose of variety it brings. Listen to Sunday Brunch for the softness of a freshly baked bread basket, the freshness of a citrus salad, and the stable energy that comes from finding the perfect balance of home fry to crudité. (And if those food metaphors were a little confusing-- Listen to Sunday Brunch if you like artists like Wilco, Courtney Barnett, Kate Bollinger, and Dr. Dog."

4:00pm Music with Eliza Hollerith free form
Hosted by Eliza Hollerith

6:00pm Themein' and Schemein' free form
Hosted by Hannah Young

Different themed shows every week based on genres, artists, lyrics, moods, titles, and any category your lil heart could desire xo

8:00pm lil' tybee tunes free form
Hosted by Davis Coffey

some desert island jams, certifiably rockstar.

10:00pm sundae_tunes.mp3 free form
Hosted by H. Amy Lim

a 10pm show for those who are ‘boutta get wrecked this week with work… panic accompanied with pops and tunes

Sorry, No shows match your selection.