8:00am Jams 'n Jelly free form
Hosted by Mary Pollard

Wake up and spread some indie, pop and top hits all over your eardrums. Who needs toast when you're bopping?

10:00am The Green Bean Casserole Show free form
Hosted by Siobhan Mcphearson + Maggie Dunbar

This show cannot be described by mere words.

12:00pm Music with Asia free form
Hosted by Asia Kurtalic

2:00pm The Charlottesville Shoegaze Show free form
Hosted by Jack Davidson

Your weekly dose of beautiful noise—an hour of shoegaze, dreampop, and melancholia every Monday at 2:00.

3:00pm Driving in my Honda CR-V free form
Hosted by Dan Arnold

Every Monday at 3, catch some tunes sponsored by my indestructible used 2013 Honda CR-V.

4:00pm Heaven or Virginia free form
Hosted by David Christle, Sam Lauer

But is it heaven or virginia? (or whatever the cocteau twins said). tune in for songs that’ll take you from the commonwealth to the heavens and back again

6:00pm Stevie to Phoebe free form
Hosted by Lazuli Cristol

A journey of eclectic music from the start of rock&roll, through the many variations the music has become, to the female-dominated indie-stry today.

8:00pm Canciones de los Chilaquiles free form
Hosted by Isaac Goldstone

An eclectic mix of mid-morning bangers to ease you into the week.

10:00pm Themein' and Schemen' PT4 free form
Hosted by Hannah Young

Different themed shows every week based on genres, artists, lyrics, moods, titles, and any category your lil heart could desire


10:00am on the wave free form
Hosted by Sarah Howorth

let's catch some indie rock air waves

12:00pm Lunch with Barnes free form
Hosted by John Barnes

2:00pm Plat du Jour free form
Hosted by Raymond Wen

Tunes for every taste and palate

4:00pm Heading Home free form
Hosted by Hala Baidas, Jasmine Collier

come listen to our weekly hyper fixations while heading home :)

6:00pm Where Do We Go From Here? free form
Hosted by Leigh Hatfield, Emma Shimp

Goodbye moon, Goodbye zoom, Goodbye sense of impending doom. Our pandemic blues have lifted, join us two goons as we attempt to answer the question, where do we go from here? Life is sweet again! Let's get funky!

8:00pm Music with Riley + Eleanor free form
Hosted by Riley Goodwin + Eleanor Barzun

10:00pm Lung Rot free form
Hosted by Janie Cai, Tyson Scherer

getting our vitamins and shooting the sheet. get off the air we're on the stereo stereo oh my baby baby baby baby babe gave me malaria hysteria


12:00am More obscure than you free form
Hosted by Naylor Stone + Madeline Dierauf

From 70's-90's alt-rock to Appalachian fiddle tunes, we try to out-obscure each other's playlists.

8:00am from Livingston, with love free form
Hosted by Audrey Himes, Miriam Wanner

two straight hours of audrey and miriam grasping at straws and failing to create any sort of musical cohesion <3

10:00am The Nina Phoebe Davis Show free form
Hosted by Nina Dickenson, Phoebe Draper, Davis Coffey

The Nina Phoebe Davis Show plays exactly what you want to hear. Our weekly themes circle through a range of topics and genres throughout our shows, mainly returning to our home base of Indie Rock. Certifiably rockstar.

12:00pm Sad Girl Sounds free form
Hosted by Sloane Daly

Do you hate Scott Pilgrim? This is the show for you! Focusing on women and non-binary artists, listen for your weekly dose of ~underground~ and alternative tunes spanning the ages. From The Slits to Japanese Breakfast, I bring you the music I love. Hopefully, you'll discover new music you love along the way too. :)

2:00pm Mostly Sensible free form
Hosted by Lyle Ring, Rose Kelly

I'll play mostly radio-sensible 70-90s and alternative music, but sometimes I'll play something horrible. It can't be helped.

4:00pm Marigold & Green free form
Hosted by Megan Young, Grace Duregger

a mixture of indie pop and folk that we associate with these colors, come listen to our favorite tunes while also discovering new artists with us !!

6:00pm Rock n Roll Rhinestone Cowboy Conundrum free form
Hosted by Thomas Green + Knaide Green

Put on your dancing shoes and hold onto your hat. This show will feature classic rock music and music that makes you feel like a cowboy. And, because this show contains multitudes, other music will also be played.

8:00pm With Peace and Love free form
Hosted by Jenna Onetto, Allison Miller

While not as iconic as the original Frenemies duo, we're just as terrible -- tune in to listen to your favorite roommates go from friends to enemies to friends again as they argue their superior music taste.

10:00pm sober free form
Hosted by Miriam Hossaini, Dillon McDowell

If we don’t talk a lot, it’s because we only have 2 hours and way too much music in the queue. Sometimes we have a theme like “all women artists” or “my brother’s 2020 top 100” but normally we just play whatever we’ve had on repeat.


12:00am ctrl+alt+42 free form
Hosted by Evelyn Frields, Katie Jane Villanueva

just talkin about alt subcultures and other good fun stuff :^)

1:00am highlight! free form
Hosted by Astrid Gurski

your new favorite trans radio show, highlighting the best underground artists and upcoming music

8:00am Thursday at 8:00 blues
Hosted by DJ Archive

10:00am heaven or cville free form
Hosted by Summer DeLellis-Sturgis + Alice Cormier

come spend the bewitching hour with us as we power through folk rock to dream pop to 70s and more!

12:00pm Friday is for Lovers free form
Hosted by Christopher Gardner + River Whelan

Ain't no love in the heart of the city, but Charlottesville ain't no city

2:00pm segmented free form
Hosted by Samira Nematollahi

join me as we dig into the underground hits of college radio

4:00pm This is not a drill free form
Hosted by Paige Waterhouse + Libby Eveland

sad indie "girls" listening to sad indie girl

6:00pm Wriggle Union free form
Hosted by Cristin Choi, Jee-Ho Kim

safe cool and warm

8:00pm Cowboy Culture Club with Genevieve free form
Hosted by Genevieve Hurst

Cowboy Culture is a state of mind, not a specific genre. All modern music can be traced back to Mississippi (and I’ll prove it), so really, all music is Cowboy Culture.

9:00pm The Stories Behind the Songs free form
Hosted by Eric Willersdorf

How do our favorite songs make us feel? As their creators intended? Or the complete opposite? This question is dissected in The Stories Behind the Songs as the creation and consumption of our favorite tracks are assessed within a relaxed and thought-provoking setting. Expect song breakdowns, trivia, and of course special guests! Catch you on 100.1!

10:00pm Dirty Bits free form
Hosted by Brian Lindgren

Wide-ranging assortment of hard-hitting electronic beat-based grooves and seductive ambient bangers

11:00pm Tequilla and Cheerios free form
Hosted by Caelan Shawyer

Sometimes in life, you just gotta mix it up


12:00am tall guy bops free form
Hosted by Jacob Hobbs

some sick tunes from a 6'7" Doja simp. tune in to hear anything from Clairo to Flo Mili, depending on how the week has gone.

10:00am Friday Funk! free form
Hosted by Danait Haddish + Katherine Hansen

Welcome to Danait and Katherine's Friday Funk! Tune in every Friday 10am-noon to listen to us chat about music with a different theme each week!

12:00pm Fruit Salad free form
Hosted by Stanley Inouye

Alternative, the ultimate blanket term for music, and coincidentally the topic of our show! This show is a mixture (so is fruit salad) of various different "alternative" genres, from random late 2010s indie bands, to frank zappa! Our show is sure to be nutritious and delicious! (statement pending FDA approval)

2:00pm The Fever free form
Hosted by Megan Kosefeski, Jillian Carpenter

Thermometer reading 100.1? Maybe your radio? Either way, better be prepared for a fever dream experience. This show is guaranteed to be nothing but wonderfully random.

4:00pm Free After 4 free form
Hosted by Brandon Brown

At risk of sounding cringey, I listen to everything. I have a growing collection of old records from my Grandpa which I would love to play on air, maybe among some songs from Soundcloud. I go down wikipedia rabbit holes and become obsessed with certain genres from cloud rap to hyper-pop. Whatever I'm feeling, maybe what is topical, I'll play it.

5:00pm Groovy Smoothie free form
Hosted by Will Neal

A blend of the grooviest tunes from all decades. Flavors vary weekly.

6:00pm Bookmarked Indie free form
Hosted by Emily Bekker + Cate Pearce

Two gals who mix indie, folk, and classic rock with discussions about our favorite/current reads!

8:00pm Goodness Gracious free form
Hosted by Grace Guinan, Grace Joyner

Two Graces, Great Music

10:00pm The Fuzzy Bunny Slippers Show free form
Hosted by Lauren Turse

Take a journey with me through a genre-less, yet finely curated, selection of my current favorites.

11:00pm weekend wormhole free form
Hosted by Deryl Long

make like jodie in “contact” and keep your ears to the radio waves. an eclectic mix for all friday night occasions, from stargazing in your backyard to getting down on the intergalactic dance floor


12:00am Heads, Feat, Funk, Dead, & Grass free form
Hosted by Cy Ward

From the Talking Heads to Billy Strings and everything in between.

8:00am gabrielle & floyd (no pink) free form
Hosted by Gabrielle Rosario, Floyd Cornett

Take a break(fast) with us in the AM (on the fm) as we jam and talk! We’ll wake you up with the best morning drive music ;)

10:00am Music Box n' Talks free form
Hosted by Ella Fesler + Ashley Park

Join Ashley and Ella as they catch up on their weeks and capture the little moments in life. A music box unlike any other — playing songs that embody specific feelings, hold memories, and break through space and time. Peace n’ love!

12:00pm Deep Cuts 'n Donuts free form
Hosted by Paul Karhnak, Cole Leis

Want to kick back after a long week? Need hidden gems to pair with your morning brew? Start your weekend off right! Tune in to Deep Cuts 'n Donuts, a delicious blend that's part of a balanced breakfast.

2:00pm The Sweet Spot free form
Hosted by Olivia Pettee, Aryan Pandya

mixing and matching beats, artists, and genres. from don toliver to daft punk to mac demarco and everything in between. come for the tunes, stay for a sweet serotonin boost.

4:00pm listen w lazybones free form
Hosted by Hannan Mumtaz

from 4-5pm, you're listening with dj lazybones - come for the eclectic mix of hip-hop, funk, acid rock, indie, r&b, and stay for the unwarranted life's ponderings from your favorite 20 yr old lazybones.

5:00pm Music with Brayden free form
Hosted by Brayden Lynch

6:00pm 2 Out Of 168 free form
Hosted by Mary Hall, Noah Sylvester

Two DJs, 2 hours out of your 168 per week. Rock, pop, and just anything that fits the vibe. Come along for the ride.

8:00pm Channel VEMCO free form
Hosted by Dominic Rosenthal, Taha Ben Abdallah

We are here to show the WXTJ and Charlottesville community the beauty of friendship and electronic music.

10:00pm No Heart Here free form
Hosted by Manny Precht

music to make up for missing internal organs. spleens are definitely made up of experimental indie, because what else would they be?


12:00am Tequila and Cheerios free form
Hosted by Caelan Shawyer

Sometimes in life, you just gotta mix it up

8:00am U up? free form
Hosted by Lucy Hopkins

An 8-10 am radio show on sunday mornings is inherently only for those who are Up. Lots of music, likely some rambling.

10:00am Poder Latino free form
Hosted by Xochilt Diaz “La Conejita” and Latinx student leaders

Poder Latino celebrates the cultural values of our local Latinx community by brining opinion leaders to educate our audience on important current events and opportunities in the Charlottesville area. The show also promotes Latinx music, fostering more unity between our cultures. Broadcast in Spanish, this radio show is for both the Latinx youth and the Latino community at large with hosts and guest speakers well-known by both of these audiences.

12:00pm Homedrone free form
Hosted by Everett Vereen

Celebrating the sounds of Athens, Georgia (and nearby, if the sounds are good). Otherwise, Everett's just playing whatever else tickles his fancy.

1:00pm Diddy Bopz free form
Hosted by Caleb Parnell

2 hours of everything from Lil Baby to Def Leppard. New vibe every week.

2:00pm The Vibing Femmes free form
Hosted by Ella Tynch, Megan Clancy, Leda Hinkle

An hour with everything from bebop to bedroom pop, with scintillating commentary from Ella, followed by an hour long eclectic mix of Megan and Leda's listenings, spun just for you.

4:00pm Smörgåsbord free form
Hosted by Erik Jacobson, Majlis Walker

Tune in Sundays from 4-6pm to hear Scandinavians Erik and Majlis serving you the hottest beats... Swedish buffet style.

6:00pm Sunday Brunch with Caroline and Chloe free form
Hosted by Caroline Young, Chloe Becker

The best part of brunch is the comforting dose of variety it brings. Listen to Sunday Brunch for the softness of a freshly baked bread basket, the freshness of a citrus salad, and the stable energy that comes from finding the perfect balance of home fry to crudité. (And if those food metaphors were a little confusing — Listen to Sunday Brunch if you like artists like Wilco, Courtney Barnett, Kate Bollinger, and Dr. Dog.)

8:00pm Café Au Lait free form
Hosted by Omega Ilijevich, Emilia Couture

In 18th century France, coffeehouses were places of places of philosophy, revolutionary thought, and lively debate. On WXTJ, you can hear real barista Emilia and fake philosopher Omega talk about similarly important topics: their silly little lives and the music they like (Phoebe Bridgers, The Mountain Goats, Maggie Rogers, and more). C’est bon!

10:00pm EDM: Evening Dance Masquerade free form
Hosted by Zach Stevens, Connor Noble

Join Connor and Zach for an evening of electronic music! Ranging from house to melodub to dubstep, we’ll play across many subgenres depending on the week. Come for the dance, stay for the vibes.

Sorry, No shows match your selection.