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Raya Brass Band LIVE on Reggae Vibrations, April 13



on Reggae Vibrations

Friday, April 13, 2012

2 pm (edt)



Before their concert at the Black Market Moto Saloon later in the evening, the members of Raya Brass Band will stop by the WTJU studios for a visit custom made to that of Reggae Vibrations and its host, Goldfinger.

Raya Brass Band make accordions and tubas feral and sexy. From Russian bath denizens to usually staid city officials, their serpentine grooves inspired by Greek, Macedonian, Romany, and Serbian roots get everyone leaping, gyrating and causing a ruckus.


But don’t blame it on the Balkans: This crack quintet is all NYC. You might catch them wailing mid-span on the Brooklyn Bridge under a full moon. Or making partiers above Bushwick dance so hard that the roof bounces—literally. They’ve played passionate solos in Brighton Beach hot tubs, snaked through unsuspecting fashionistas on Staten Island, and gotten listeners in one upstate town so riled up, the police nearly intervened at a street gig one cold December day.

The band's latest CD, Dancing on Roses, Dancing on Cinders, released January of this year, bursts with this frenetic joie de vivre—and with the intense love for Balkan traditions and focus on musicianship that power the high-energy party. Digging into black-market compilations, Eastern European carnival traditions and their own eclectic musical pasts (out jazz, New Orleans brass, punk), Raya Brass Band has the chops to match their irrational exuberance.

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