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Final Edition of Nick at Nine

  Final Edition of
Nick at Nine
Monday April 11, 2011, 9am

Nick & Emily Nick & Emily Page

After 11 years, the Nick at Nine show on WTJU is coming to an end. Nick Page, a Charlottesville jazz musician (sax and clarinet player for the Red Hot Smoothies and Mill Street Ramblers) and host of the show, was diagnosed two years ago with frontotemporal dementia. WTJU’s other announcers stepped in and co-hosted his shows with him when he became unable to manage them on his own, and last July, his daughter, Emily, joined him permanently in the studio. While his love for the music has not faded, he is being moved to a dementia unit and will not be able to continue on with the show. Nick loved his time with WTJU, discovering and sharing new artists and albums along with old favorites. Throughout, his goal was to make Monday mornings brighter and “to make you feel good.” We’ll continue to feel good remembering his show, and we thank you for listening.

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