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Maia Oden Live on The Eclectic Woman Show

Sandy Snyder and Joyce Dudek are very pleased to be hosting

Maia Oden
with Laughter’s Fountain
On The Eclectic Woman Show
Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 8:00 p.m.

Maia Oden

Maia was one of the performers who has participated in our 2007 and 2008 Folk marathon shows featuring local singer songwriters. We are delighted to celebrate the release of her first CD, “Hidden Queen”, with a live performance on WTJU.

Maia has been writing songs since 1991 and singing publicly since age 10 (1978).  Her first and only CD so far, "Hidden Queen : Songs for Transformation" was produced by Jeff Romano and released in November 2008.  The Hidden Queen theme reflects a deep love and respect for the Cosmos in all It's creative forms, an observance and celebration especially of how it manifests through the Divine Feminine's Earthy Spirit.  It is woven throughout with memories of a time before time and with prayers for a dream that lives on in the hearts of All, one for peace on Earth.

Formerly, for 8 years, of Taos, New Mexico and three years in Boulder, Colorado, Maia was raised mostly in south central Texas.  Many of the songs were written in the mountains of Taos or here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Maia currently lives in Greenwood with Jasper Burns (her guitarist), her son Sam and two cats, Fiona and Lani, still listening for the Muse to touch her with more creative material for all to enjoy!

Playing with Maia on April 16th will be Jasper Burns on guitar, Kimberly Ramberg with harmony vocals and Shankar Shrinivasin on violin.

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