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2000 WTJU Rock Marathon

2000 WTJU 91.1
Rock Marathon
Program Guide

Feb 25th - March 3rd

Fri, Feb 25
Sat, Feb 26
Sun, Feb 27
Mon, Feb 28
Tues, Feb 29
Wed, Mar 1
Thur, Mar 2
Fri, Mar 3

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(804)924-3418 - (804)924-3959


I remember David Lee Roth once saying, "It comes from your head, heart, and drawers. And sometimes not necessarily in that order." I believe he was talking about music, but he could've just as well been thinking of WTJU. WTJU has never known a use for having set lists, rotation, or creepy troll-men lurking under the boards ready to force the latest single tearing up the charts. We love and respect music and you, the listener, too much to take part in that great rock n roll swindle. There was that one time I gently probed a DJ to play Boston's "More Than A Feeling" for my birthday but ...

Listening to us is knowing us: we are your real community radio. From Elvis Presley to Elvis Costello, from the Au Pairs to the Auteurs and every punk, mod, riot grrrl in between, WTJU is the sound of first kisses, first loves, the first time we ever lost our ... ummm ...wallets. This is the sound of our biggest discoveries, our greatest losses. And it's been one big wet tongue in your ear for over 40 years; sometimes unexpected, but not always unpleasant.

Keep the tuner on 91.1 FM this week and you'll hear old favorites, a history of rock in no particular order, as well as that one sound that will knock your trouser press right off. Pledge money if we've been here all along or if you've just found us. Pledge money just so I can play a copy of The Replacements' Tim that doesn't skip. And pledge money for one of our infamous rock marathon T-shirts, this year two of them for the year 2000. Steve West of the most slanted and enchanted of 90s bands, Pavement, has graciously designed one of the shirts. And Richard Hell (Television, Voidoids, Heartbreakers,) the man that arguably catapulted the first wave of punk with a torn shirt and a safety pinned attitude, influencing everyone from the Sex Pistols to Sonic Youth, has donated the other design. So a special thank you to these two men for making the rock and roll dream a little brighter, a little closer for us in Central Virginia.

-- Carey Price... Rock Chicktator

Other Acknolwedgements:

A special thanks to Goth ... I mean Garth R. for being the industrial-strength punching bag of bad jokes and for laying out the guide in record time ... Kristen S. for going crazy before I did so therefore I couldn't ... the Thursday night regulars who kept the music flowing all over my shoes ... Rob S. for supporting my being the Godfather ... Erin R. for indenturing herself ... Arun T. for bringing the best hip hop in Charlottesville to our fire exit door ... The Declaration for making U.Va. a little more appealing to those who never thought it could be ... and finally two people who were indispensible: Chuck T. for the Young Marble Giants, Glenn Campbell, and not seeming too surprised by requests for "special" jumpsuits and general chaos ... and Franz B. for reminding me to eat, drink, sleep, dance and watch the Iron Chef but not necessarily all at once.

Friday 2/25

Noon : Pavement
WTJU's prodigal boychild savants, the world's greatest rock & roll band, corner-brightening major league boys and the kinds of girls they like. A two hour debris slide of hits and rarities and requests and gold soundz and forty different shades of a redder kind of terror twilight blue. With Dominic.

2pm : Reggae Got Soul
Stylistic-Reggae-Impressions ... where the soul/funk and the Rock Steady Roots untwine from the main vine. Call-and-response from Curtis Mayfield and Robert Nesta Marley. All Vibes, syncopated and sanctified. Goldfinger, Scottie B and the Massive preside.
4pm : BBC World News

5pm : WTJU Virginia News

5:05pm : Pixies

7pm : Descarga Criolla
Serving up the spiciest of latino rock -- Shakira, Mana', Jarabe de Palo, Rosana, Le Mans, Carlinhos Brown, ska and tropicalismo with the occasional side of hip-hop and a la carte salsa. Bring the lime & salt, or kick back with a strong capirinha.

9pm : Lady Pianists Unite
Sisters taking no guff from their keyboards. Including Nina Simone, Diamanda Galas, Robin Holcomb, Tori Amos, Wendy Carlos, Fiona Apple, Alice Coltrane, and many others. Hosted by admiring piano-boy Parker Paul.

11pm : Randy Newman
Prof. Bebop presents a celebration of composer and performer extraordinaire Randy Newman whose wit and sensibility have made us laugh and cry, touched our hearts, and scrutinized our society for the past 30 years. Warning! Some content has proven objectionable to those whose lives are irony deficient.

1am : A Fistful of Foetus
The demented swing/industrial stylings of J.G. Thirlwell, aka Foetus. Side projects, collaborations, remixes, and exclusive interview excerpts. With Tim.

3am : Egghead Zoo
This egg hatches early.

Saturday 2/26

6am : MC5: Kick Out the Jams!
Before there was hell, there was Detroit. Take a rocket reducer trip to the proto-punk garage of Wayne Kramer and Co. with your host Amy "my do is tight" Briggs.

8am : Sun Records: The Sun Never Sets
From hound dogs to jailbirds, from bad boys to good ol' boys, from the King to a certain piano player who married his teenage cousin, this is the music that started it all. Forget sex, drugs, and rock n' roll, this is sex, sex, and rock n' roll, baby. Got great balls of fire? Soothe them under the unrelenting flow of bad attitudes and even worse teeth. From the fertile crescent that is Memphis, TN, it's rock, Southern fried. With Mike and Amy.

10am : REM
So let's go way back to ancient times when there were no fifty states. Stumble with us as we document little heard gems and misheard murmurs. And they're marching through Georgia, G-G-G-Georgia. With the swan and the hummingbird.

Noon : The 8th (nearly) annual Garage Punk-athon
Join Station Veteran Lee_W for the gleeful return of the 60s Garage punk-athon. He'll play the favorites, if they're requested, and he'll focus on the weird and unusual in between the old commercials. Lee's found lots of obscure fuzz and reverb in the past few years, so be certain to tune in.

3pm : PLINK!
Uncle Chuck gives you one hour of adult musicians performing on toy instruments and music boxes. Pianosaurus, Margaret Leng Tan, Pascal Comelade, Tin Hat Trio are some of the featured performers.

4pm : Beatles
Once again, please, we beseech you: don't touch Ringo's drums THEY LOOM LARGE IN HIS LEGEND. Instead, tune in to four hours of beatific harmony, broadcast live from Pepperland by Don, Dan and the rest of the Radio Wowsville Pepperland Preservation Society (Central Virginia chapter). Blue Meanies need not apply.

8m : New Wave vs. No Wave
The Waitresses smack Lydia Lunch. Glenn Branca lunges back but knocks out DNA in the process. The city so nice they screamed it twice "No New York!" Bruise two hours with Amy and Mike. All songs are fair game but you make the calls.

10pm : Native Tongues
Thirteen years of the work of hip hop's most ecletic and creative family of artists. Bootlegs, B-sides, sound pages, collector cards, all featuring the music of De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep, Prince Paul, Monie Love and oh-so-many more. It's the D.A.I.S.Y. Age with Dan.

Midnight : The Bay Area Hip Hop Show
Featuring all the abstract, innovative, crazy, avant-garde stuff out on the left coast from the past, present, and future. Never heard of the freestyle fellowship? You must check this show out. If you have already, you don't need convincing. With DJ Sindian.

2am : Queens of Hip Hop
From Roxanne Shante to Queen Latifah, up to Apani B. Fly, women have been a mainstay on the rap scene since it got underway. This retrospective will showcase some of hip-hop's greatest female artists doing what they do best: rhyming, producing, and making names for themselves. Featured Artists: Salt-N-Pepa, MC Lyte, Monie Love, the Real Roxanne, Bahamadia, Yo-Yo, Da Brat and many others ...

4am : Kool Keith/Ultramagnetic MC's
Trace the history of our favorite hip-hop madman.

Sunday 2/27

6am : 60s Soul
Down and dirty rare recordings and forgotten hits. Too raw for oldies radio. More get-uplican than down-ocrat, more Stax-y than Motown-ish. With Tim.

8am : James Brown
The hardest working man in show business. Soul brother Number One. The Godfather of Soul. The father of Funk. Take your pick. Start your Sunday with grooves that'll move. With Durward.

10am : Curtis Mayfield: We're a Winner
This influential singer/songwriter/bandleader died in December of 1999 but his music lives on at WTJU. From his classic work with the Impressions to his impressionable soundtrack for "Superfly." Mayfield's work as songwriter, singer, guitar player, producer and social commentator pushed the boundaries of pop. Join Dan, Paul and Don as they keep on pushing, for Curtis.

Noon : Flew Too Close to the Sun
They've gone too far they touched the sun. Aldus Huxley said that in order for us to truly see, THE DOORS of perception must be cleansed.This show is dedicated to those valiant souls who, in that great American tradition of gross excess, decided not only to cleanse those doors, but yank em clean off their hinges and drive the chemical equivalent of a Boeing 747 through the opening, just for good measure. Join your mellow jello host Kendall as we char the ascent and demise of toasty angels Syd Barett,Roky Erikson, Brian Wilson, and many others.

2pm : Jailbait Girls
Hello daddy, hello mom -- it's a ch-ch-cherry bomb of girl germs, as Melissa Jett, Sarah Jett, and the girls from Cell Block D salute the queens of noise, the rebel grrrls, the demon spawn of the new girl order. From grande dames like the Runaways, X-Ray Spex, and Girlschool to badass babes like the Donnas and the Rondelles. Tune in or get run over.

4pm : Tom Waits for No One III
By cwtiii or son of the monster mash. What more can we say: you love Mr. Waits and we're glad to give you a big dose of him. Call in your requests with a pledge to 924-3959 or 924-3418.

7pm : Konniti Wa! (Japanese Pop)
The white boy with wasabi asks, "Anyone order sushi?"

9pm : Ninjatune: the Greatest Recording Company in All the World
Explore the birth, evolution, and destiny of trip hop, with Lee and the Mad Scientist, as they present a thorough exposition of this label's achievements. Tune in for rare and special releases from COLDCUT, DJ Food, Up Bustle and Out, The Herbalizer, and dozens of others.

11pm : Stereolab: Wow & Flutter
Join Dave, Don and les Wowsville collective for two hours of ectoplasm refritos from Stereolab and their analogue-rocking side projects and maybe even a tune from Mary's brief stint with the Bangles. From Stereolab's first Peel session to their recent Warp Records tribute, we'll illustrate the perils of merging Socialist ideology with space-rock aesthete. As they say at the EU: "If it ain't French, it ain't worth a franc."

1am : Budget Rock Showcase
When you were in kindergarten and wanted to be in a band, you wanted to be in Supercharger, or the Mummies. So here's a little slice of frisco at the turn of the 90s. All 40 watts of amplification recorded into creased wax paper. With Tim.

3am : Viva la Batcave
Out of the darkness comes the best of early goth, with Specimen, Sexbeat, Death Cult, Sex Gang Children, and Screaming Dead. With Bex.

Monday 2/28

6am : Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers
Turn your amps down to that mythical -1 and get ready to rock, Jojo style. Everyone's favorite innocent guarantees to melt even the hardest, most cynical of hearts. He'll sweep you off your feet with the suaveness of an eight year old (that's a good thing), and if you've heard him already, you love him already. So tune in. Damn, you bet. With Mike and Carey.

8am : Leonard Cohen: Sometimes Swollen and Sometimes Spartan
He can love the shape of human beings, the fine and twisted shapes of the heart. It is good to have among us such men, such balancing monsters of love. With Tobin.

10am : Clap Along
Nothing's more embarrassing than trying to sing along with a song and not really knowing the words. All you have to do is clap along with these to look cool. Requests welcome. With Stefanie and Brian

Noon : The Replacements
Bring your own lampshade it's the Replacements hootenanny, two hours of power trash from the great American garage band. Parker Paul, Rob Stinson, and other bastards of the young take you left of the dial for love, loss, and answering machines.

2pm : Peabody Rink Presents Rollerjamz 2000
The folks who ask you to consider the gerbil that is rock and roll ask you to consider the beauty that is roller-skating. The music's gotta have that roller-rink sound, and it's gotta make you want to do it backwards. We're talking SKATING! We're talking your closeted YOUTH! Kadugan and Hurricane Floyd got your brand new key.

4pm : BBC World News

5pm : WTJU Virginia News

5:05pm : C-Ville Rocks.
Yes indeedy, Charlottesville rocks! With guitar strings and gossamer wings! Join Mystery Date, Parker Paul, and others, as they lift up our local heroes who make our dreams a little sweeter...

8pm : Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Cure Me
The eyeliner is affixed, the hair is teased and unruly and you feel just a bit "In Between Days." You crave a fix ... inspired pathos. You need The Cure. With Kendall and Rebecca.

10pm : K Records
Since 1982, K Records has been putting out records, tapes, and CDs unmatched in their blending of aesthetic complexity and structural simplicity. Bands Beat Happening and Go Team helped to define the "K sound" in the 1980s, and in the 1990s, bands like Tiger Trap and The SubDebs carried on the tradition, while Beck, Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, and the Make-Up have staked out new territory. Join the staff of Kids Inc. for a backward glance over two decades of maracas, kitty cats, and feedback. Let's Kiss!

Midnight : French Disko
Frangophiles rejoice as we get down to the smooth sounds of the sexy boys from Air, Daft Punk, Kid Loco, and more. Oui, oui, with Dominic.

2am : Modest Mouse
Stefanie and Brian bring you two hours of the best of your favorite sad and screwed up boys from Issaquah Washington.

4am : Buddy Holly: Crickets Chirping Rockabilly
The feel good classics of America's four eyed songwriter. With Willie.

Tuesday 2/29

6am : Like a Rose: Lucinda Williams
With a voice like raw honey and gravel, and lyrics deeply rooted in the soil of the blues, Lucinda Williams has broken the hearts of many a roadhouse romantic, and countless closeted others. Get up early with Michelle as she showcases the inimitable sound of one of America's finest songwriters.

8am : Janis Joplin
The First Lady of psychedelia who burned too brightly. Let Janis, the little girl blue, sing her way into your Tuesday morning. With Your Mystery Date.

10am : Beck: The Enchanted Wizard of Rhythm
You've always thought he was a delicious freak but with his latest album Midnite Vultures , you now know with certainty that it is indeed Beck who reigns as the sexiest white boy in music. We don't need to tell you how masterful he is with a sampler, what a world-band radio he has for an ear. We just want you to join us, Jenny and Debra, as we take a ride in his Hyundai on the rhythms of the universe. Note to you old-schoolers: get crazy with the Cheez-Whiz!.

Noon : Talking Heads: More Songs About Twitching and Moods
Talking Heads: cultural carpetbaggers or brainiac neck-twitching funk? And what's the difference, anyway? Two hours for Artists Only, with Tyler. No Casual Gods requests unless you got the funds to back it up.

2pm : New York Punk.
It's back to CBGB's with Richard Hell, Patti Smith, Tom Verlaine, The Ramones, the New York Dolls, Blondie, and a cast of thousands down at the rock & roll club, firing the New York punk rock shots that started the Blank Generation's musical revolution. The Cadillac pulls out of the graveyard. With Gay and many, many more.

4pm : BBC World News

5pm : WTJU Virginia News

5:05pm : Rolling Stones
The Glimmer Twins, a sweet blonde angel named Brian, and their demonic footmen invite you to a beggar's banquet of sin, sex, and salvation. So turn up the radio and let it bleed, as Rob drinks your health in scented jasmine tea for three hours of fever in the funkhouse.

8pm : Guided By Voices
Dayton comes alive in C'ville. Robert Pollard and cohorts are amplified to rock on a special edition of Trust the Wizard.

10pm : Riot Grrrl Chronology
Grrrlism, revolution-style, from The Shaags to The Need. Brought to you by the Kids, Inc. Staff.

Midnight : 80s Hair Metal
Leather, chains and makeup on men.80's celebrations of mayhem and misogyny, with the guitar solos and backup vocals that are long dead. Get the hair-metal fix you've been craving for so long (you know you have been). With the Wolf.

2am : AKA AFX (Aphex Twin)
Listen to some of Richard James' music. With Brendan.

4am : Gary Numan
The Pleasure Principal are "Freands" electric Gary Numan and the Tubeway Army remind me to smile. Join Dempsey, for the Joy Circuit. I die, you die.

Wednesday 3/1

6am : The Bubblegum Machine
Like the Saturday morning cartoons that spawned them, late 0's bubblegum music was crafted to be pure entertainment. The songs were light, fun, and filled with steamy double-entendres that un-hip parents never caught. The Brady Kids, 1910 Fruitgum Co., Tommy Roe, Monkees, Bobby Sherman, Ohio Express, Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army and more!!! With Radio-star

8am : Early Clapton
Featuring the Yardbirds, Cream, Mayall and many others doing it all for the sunshine of your love. With Stephen Soghoian.

10am : In DC
Put down that crack pipe and get down to business with Kristen as she surveys the last twenty years of harDCore, punk and indie rock from our nation's capital.

Noon : Camelspotting
No, not desert decorations! This is a new compilation of pop music from the Middle East and beyond! We'll crest the dunes to hear from the Sahara east to the Punjab. With Bruce.

2pm : David Bowie
It's the year of the scavenger, the season of the bitch, as Rob and Major Carey guide you through the Thin White Duke's sixteen or seventeen brilliant careers. Pledge and request that one damn song that makes you break down and cry.

4pm : BBC World News

5pm : WTJU Virginia News

5:05pm : London's Burning
Three hours of punk's first wave, limey division. Focusing on the Clash, Sex Pistols, and various other bands who exhibited the requisite sneer and basic grasp of guitar. With Tim.

8pm : Sonic Youth: Confusion is Next
Twenty years after rising out of the ashes of the new-wave and no-wave of New York and surviving most of the other bands they helped to make millionaires in the 90s, Sonic Youth is still here, and their guitars wanna kill yr mama. With Davis and Meg.

10pm : Turntablist's Fury
This is a look at the development of the DJ as a mainstay in music culture. We will examine the history and development of scratching, beat juggling, and other techniques. Plus, examples of how ubiquitous the scratch and the DJ have become in modern music. With DJ Sindian and DJ Buddhafinger.

Midnight : 1980
Twenty years of darkness. Where is the Darkness? Joy Division, PIL, Gang of Four, Bauhaus, Birthday Party, and The Fall. With Tobin.

2am : Music from the Death Factory
A magickal mystery tour through the killing floor of early proto-industrial. Dance or hang your head in despair to the beat of Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Neubauten, and more, with DJ Hoppy the Frog.

4am : Dying Bird Goes Sqwwwwaaauuuukkk!
One girl and two guys like trains. The one other likes birds. One girl and two guys like pink. The one other feels color is boring. One girl and two guys like to converse about the ocean after sex. The one other only likes high pitched screaming at it's best. With Bridge.

Thursday 3/2

6am : Double Aught Surf
Surf rock, current and classic. It's the soundtrack to the B-flick you always wanted to make. With Uncle Jesse.

8am : Miles Davis Rocks
The Rock N' Roll side of Miles Davis' electric era. With Dave.

10am : St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast
Frank Zappa was one of the great iconoclastic musicians of the 20th Century. With more than 60 albums to his credit, Zappa demonstrated a mastery of pop idioms ranging from jazz to rock of every conceivable variety. He penned electronic and orchestral works, parlayed controversial satire, and testified in Congress against censorship. With Tom Lawless and Tom Givens.

Noon : Never Cheat the Waitress
WTJU salutes Charlottes-ville's #1 industry, the service sector. Two hours of songs about 86ing the beef special, getting a 10% tip on a $6 lunch and serving a beer for you to cry in. We aren't bitter, we just want a good tip. Call in with your most horrible restaurant-job stories, and we'll play your song! With Chris (at the sink), Meg (at your table), Michelle (at the grill) and Tyler (at the taps).

2pm : Mustard Gas & Rubber Undergarments
Music from Iggy, Blue Oyster Cult and The Stranglers. Influential, interesting and often under-appreciated artists. Let Matt & Mike make you rock, scream, kick and move to the stuff we like. Help us out by requesting your favorite cuts.

4pm : BBC World News

5pm : WTJU Virginia News

5:05pm : Yo La Tengo
Ira, Georgia, and James play the beautiful music they hear in their little corner of the world. Erin and Rob are your two hot chickens, guiding you on a tour of moby octopads, blue line swingers, new wave hot dogs, and nightfalling on Hoboken. Phone in your pledge and take a taste of the sugarcube.

8pm : Blues Explosion
Who says white boys can't testify? Is it punk, blues, rock, rockabilly? Who cares, when you're getting lovin' from the Blues Explosion! Joined by fellow soul-rockers the Delta 72, the Make-Up, the Oblivians, and others, Jon Spencer's gonna strap you into a skin-tight pair of gold vinyl pants and make you like it. Squares need not apply. With Mike.

10pm : Drag City
An historical reenactment on the Grand Scale, complete with period facial hair. Keep your muzzle loaded with Josh and Carl as we recreate, in chronological order, the first twenty releases from the last best label of the 90s.

Midnight : Could Be Dangerous!
Storm the Studio with Asch for two hours of the life & times of Jack Dangers. Acompanying a healthy portion of Meat Beat Manifesto, hear remixes, side projects, and other bands he's gifted with his own unique style of production, such as EBN and the Disposible Heroes of Hiphoprisy. It's Armed Audio Warfare!

2am : Riot Sounds Produce Riots!
Digital Hardcore Recordings the Sultry Sounds of Static. Atari Teenage Riot, Christoph de Babylon, Bomb20, Alec Empire, Cobra Killer, and Ec8or, among others. It's music like a punch in the face. With Asch.

4am : Blake is My Idol : Jets to Brazil & Jawbreaker
"Note to self: No one cares." "it's imaginary -- causes, clauses clog your mind with their spite like the preacherman who lectures hard on supersin he's soon found out," "I rode down to the tracks. Thinking they might sing to me. But they just stared back. Broken, trainless, and black as night. Climbed out onto my roof. So I'd be a poet in the night. Beat the walls off my room. I saw the big room that is this life," nuff said.

Friday 3/3

6am : Brit Pop
It's boys who like girls who like boys who ... it's Britpop, baby, with Radiohead, Pulp, Suede, Belle & Sebastian, and more. It's mod! It's gear! It's top, it is! Nice one, geezer! Let's rock! With Ginny.

8am : Harmony Joyride
Mesmerizing and disorienting; when performed artfully, vocal harmonies in rock music sound not like several distinct singers, but an inpenetrable resonant structure. For two hours, vocal harmony in rock music will be chronologically presented. With the Beach Boys, The Byrds, REM, Liz Phair, and hopefully your suggestions. With Uncle Jesse.

10am : Breakfast in Bed ... with Dusty
"Just a little lovin', early in the morning ..." Rise and shine with your sweet, sweet baby, as would-be preacher's son Don and the Radio Wowsville background singers serve up two hours of girl-group bomp and sultry romance from the late, great Ms. Springfield's tantalizing menu of salty sensuousness. (Warning: Breakfast in Bed with Dusty may extend into lunchtime. Use caution. Side effects may include an inclination for wishin' & hopin', a perfectly coiffed bouffant hairstyle and, yes, messy sheets.)

Noon : Everything But the Girl
The language of life, as heard by Tracey Thorne, even Ben Watt too. We'll savor all phases of EBTG's exquisitely moody pop, as well as rarities, side projects, and your requests. With Erin and Rob.

Join us for the umpteenth annual Rock Marathon version of Sunshine Daydream, featuring the music of the extended Grateful Dead musical family. Your hosts will be Tom Lawless and Mr Jones. And if you come down to pay your pledge during the show we will feed you Eve's homebacked cookies, a WTJU Dead tradition.

4pm : BBC World News

5pm : WTJU Virginia News

5:05pm : Bob Dylan
After 40 years of Desolation Row, Bob Dylan still makes all the other songwriters sound like scared kittens. You'll hear old Bob, new Bob, live Bob, rare Bob, and of course your requests. Rob and Don dig deep into the vaults to get your bootheels wandering, babe.

8pm : Van's the Man
A request show reviving the special blend of blues, pop, and jazz ... that is, the music of Van Morrison. With David.

10pm : Vox of Virginia: Virginia's Contribution to Rock, Rhythm and Blues
Prof. Bebop serves as your tour guide through the Museum of Rhythm and Rock's special collection, "Vox of Virginia," featuring native artists including The Golden Gate Quartet, Ruth Brown, Gene Vincent, Janis Martin ("The female Elvis"), Gary "U. S." Bonds, and many more.

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