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Love Canon Live on Sunset Road

  Love Canon Live
on Sunset Road
Friday July 30, 2010, 5-7pm

Love Canon came about during a long road trip where Jesse Harper (guitar, vocals - Old School Freight Train), and Adam Larrabee (banjo, guitar, mandolin - Robert Jospe's Inner Rhythm) were riding together & surfing the radio dial. An 80's station came on & Adam started playing along with all the hits. When they got to Charlottesville, they were convinced they should form a band to play all that stuff, bluegrass style. With the addition of Andy Thacker (mandolin - Adrienne Young, Peyton Tochterman's High Society) and Darrell Muller (upright bass - Old School Freight Train, High Society) the band has been honing their 80's chops weekly at The Southern & will play The Festy Experience in Nelson County with Josh Ritter this fall. Join us on Sunset Road friday July 30th at 6pm for Love Canon live.

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