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Live Music Recording Studio Layout

WTJU has hosted many performers in our Main Air Studio (limited to one musician) and Live Music Recording Studio (limited to approximately seven musicians, depending on instrumentation).

WTJU records most performances to DAT and/or CDR in real time. A mastered copy of the performance on CDR will be provided to the performer (one per band) by request.

Live Studio Equipment Available

Recording Equipment
(1) Tascam DA-40 DAT Recorder (remote)
(2) HHB CDR-850 (remote)
(4) EV RE-20s
(1) Audio Technica AT 4033
(2) Earthworks QTC1
(7) Full-sized microphone stands
(2) Stubby microphone stands
(5) sets of headphones
(1) Multi-connector "Snake" (see details below)
Recording Studio Layout

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